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The B!tch Is Back (:


Wow, it's been some time since Ive been on T-Nation. Feels good to be back, that's for sure!!! Ive been reading everyone's log and I have to give you girls PROPS...you are kickin' some butt!!! The progress so many of you have made is fantastic and inspiring!

I made a little progress of my own while I was away. Ive lost a whopping 70 pounds! I still have 50 to go, so wham bam, here I am! :slightly_smiling:

My strength is down to absolutely nothing. I lost a lot of muscle and have encountered a few injuries. Although my weakness is embarrassing, Im not going to sweat it. Im focusing on health, consistency, reshaping my body, running a 5k in September, and just having a doggone good time getting there! I'll worry about strength once my back is working properly.

I hope to put up a few before and now pictures.

Looking forward to chatting with you girls again!!!



70lbs, wow. I'd like to hear how you achieved that. Looking forward to the photos.


It's about damn time you got back here, woman!!! Welcome back. Looking forward to the pics and further transformation, as well.


I remember you..

Although when I found your log it was so full I didn't know where to jump in.

Hope you stick around!


In November 2010 I decided enough was enough and had to take drastic measures to get where I wanted to go. I dropped my calorie intake to as little as possible. Started eating 3 meals a day. 8am breakfast, noon lunch, 6pm dinner. Never ate anything after 6pm, 7pm the latest. For 5 months I ate no carbs, did not have a cheat meal, absolutely no sugar, no bread, no pasta, and no rice. Did cardio in the morning 5x a week, lifted weights in the evening 4-5x a week, yoga once a week, and threw in fun stuff like pole dancing, zumba, lap dance, and boot camp a few times a week. Basically I was active 7 days a week.

I have completely cut out carbonated drinks and stopped drinking through a straw (that was a little trick a friend of mine taught me who had the lap band surgery).

Ideally I'd like to weigh around 150lbs, but Im focusing on reshaping my body and measurements. Ive been at a plateau now for almost 2 months. I dropped down to 202 but Ive been fluctuating between 205-209.

Right now Im training to run a 5k. Ive tried this before and was unsuccessful, so here I go again! :slight_smile: I joke with my friend that little short fat girls with big boobs should not be allowed to run! He's making me run with him anyway! LOL

9:28pm...Im late for the gym...


Awesome willpower there. I'm doing something similar but am "only" looking to shift around 15lbs or so. Having said that, the closer you get to your target weight, the harder it gets.
Good luck with the 5K.




You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, Woman. If you were able to accomplish all of the things you did for your weight-loss, then there is nothing stopping you from finishing the 5k. And I want video of the pole-dancing. Yeah...that got my attention. So what? lol. Keep getting after it!!


B3 is back in the house! YAY!!!! Yours was the first log that I read here at TN. It was so inspiring and really showed just how supportive and all around awesome the members of this site are. I will certainly be following along :slight_smile:


Good to have you back. It will be great to see you on the forums again :slight_smile:




Im rarely home and on my computer and my silly iPhone will not allow me to post...grrr...

Last week I lost 2 pounds! Yay! I cheated and stepped on the scale this morning, have lost another pound - but we all know how that fluctuates.

Posting my workouts really motivates me to keep moving forward and to improve with every session. I havent been posting lately because my numbers are so low, and frankly it's embarrassing. Take for instance...last night I did a 50 pound deadlift. This time last year my deadlift was 250+lbs. Okay, granted, I was the size of a house, but picking up something that heavy 10 times in a row it made me feel like a FRIGGIN BEAST and I couldnt wait to get back in the gym just so I could do it again!!! Lifting 50 pounds makes me feel like a failure...but that's my own psycho issue I have to deal with.

In the meantime...this will be the last time I insult my workouts and my lack of strength. It's time to get over myself and move forward. Im not the same person I was this time last year and neither are my workouts....DEAL WITH IT CHICK! <--- Me talking to myself :slight_smile:

Stretch: 10 minutes
Outer Thigh: 85/15; 115/15; 130/15
Inner Thigh: 100/15; 130/15; 160/15
Deadlift: 30/15; 40/15; 50/15
Hyperextension: bw/15
Leg Curl: 40/15/3
Leg Press: 90/15; 180/15; 180/15
Super Set with Calf Raise: 90/25; 180/25; 180/25
Crunches: 25x3
Stretch: 20 minutes

Yesterday's diet started out great then it fizzled...I was lacking protein big time...
Calories: 1442
Protein: 13%
Carbs: 62%
Fat: 25%
No more Twizzlers!


Wooo-hooo --- I won Britney Spears concert tickets today on the radio. Ive been shopping for a really cool outfit to wear when I see my girl! (lol) It's 10pm and Im running sooooo frigging late to the gym, it's unreal. Oh well....better late than never, right? :slightly_smiling:

Upper body tonight baby...



8-17-11 1045pm - Midnight

Stretch: 10 minutes
Bench Press: 65/15; 75/15; 80/15
Low Row: 27.5/15; 35/15; 35/15
Biceps Curls: 15/15/3
Overhead Triceps Press: 20/15; 25/15; 30/15
Dumbbell Front Raise: 5/15/3
Lat Pull Down: 27.5/15; 35/10; 27.5/5; 27.5/15
Dumbbell Fly: 10/15/3

Having a protein shake, then off to bed.

Sweet dreams :-*


Congrats on the weight loss. How do you manage to train so late at night? I'm fast asleep then!




Treadmill 15 minutes

Yoga 45 minutes

I love being bendy! It's a great way to start your day!!!

This weekend we are going rafting...should be a good arm workout :slightly_smiling:


Congrats on the loss!!! don't be so hard on yourself 50lbs is better than 40lbs, it might not be what you want but it's better than nothing!!!


wow! that is an incredible wt loss! way to go! I'm IN on this log :)! ! ! ! !

way impressive!


Welcome back! You look awesome!


Things are going GREAT!!! Im in the gym 5x a week!!! The month of October I decided to shake things up a bit. Ive been doing BodyPump, BootCamp, and Yoga 5x a week. Loving it. I started running in the evenings and in 28 days Ive lost the following inches:

Calf - 1"
Bicep - 1"
Hips - 1.25"
Chest - 1/2"
Waist - 1"

Not too shabby!!! Cant wait to take measurements in November!!! :slightly_smiling:


The Big Shott Bodybuilding Classic - Charleston, SC 10-1-11

Still have a long way to go, but Im getting there :slightly_smiling: