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The Avengers


So looking around I was surprised to see a thread hasn't been started for this 2012 film yet.

Personally, I think I'm excited for its release just as much The Dark Knight Rises. And after seeing the teaser trailer after Cap America credits, I'm pretty sure my boner had a boner even though it showed absolutely nothing substantial.

I've been hunting around online for it, and cannot find it. Perhaps one of you would be so kind as to post it up here.

So let the discussion begin. What are your thoughts on Joss Whedon? Mark Ruffalo? Who's gonna lead the Avengers? How's Loki as villain? Where's Natalie Portman? Should we keep our fingers crossed for the emergence of Ant-Man and/or Wasp?

In true Tnation fashion I will get things started by saying Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are so small and I so wouldn't do Scarlett Johansson.../sarcasm (on both accounts).


Joss Whedon is the man...

I love pretty much everyting he's done (except Alien:Resurection, which he didn't actually direct).
His involvment is what has me excited the most.

The leader is Captain America. I'm actually looking forward to Hawkeye. Loved his cameo in Thor. That guy exhudes coolness.


Check out this link for the teaser trailer and pictures from it :



Yea, I've come across that one. It's only a condensed version of it.


I'm more excited for this than for any Batman movie.

Also, we may need a Superman ( or as it's called The Man of Steel) thread.
There are pics of his suit and they've ditched the red underwear. I'm not angry or anything but I think that's a silly move, as everyone knows that Superman's costume is sort os silly when you think about it but we still love it and we've accepted it so just don't change it that much.


who's gonna keep this thread alive for a year?



Your kid, a bear and The Avengers movie are in a room and one must die, What do you do?


you call Hulk


Do I have a shovel and/or large refrigerator?


Can cats be added into that equation?


the bear dies


From what I've heard from the grapevine it sounds like production isn't going smoothly. Apparently they are having a problem working out the mechanics of the whole thing, how the characters are going to interact and the amount of time it's going to take to shoot it all.

I guess the only good thing out of that news is at least they're aiming high.


^^ where did you hear this...every website ive seen has said its going fine...not perfect but alright. they said the characters were working niecely together and every interview ive seen ( although I understand they are actors) the actors seem to be liking whats goin on.


I can't remember but this was a couple of months ago. If it's better now then that's good news.




Um, NO.


The explosions they are making in Cleveland are loud and distracting, and awesome.


It's cool. Joss Whedon was a script consultant on Captain America to ensure a smooth transition into the Avengers, so a definite game plan is in place. Whedon and Renner go way back to Angel when Renner was a relative unknown, and I believe Whedon was responsible for persuading Renner to take the role of Hawkeye because of that early break.

In other words, Whedon has been involved since Thor...

Robert Downey Jr. suggested Mark Ruffalo for Banner after working with him on Zodiac, so the chances of creative differences messing this up are minimal.


She said she won't be in it.

No. The Ant-Man movie is being developed independently of the Avengers, so says Edgar Wright anyway.


I know. Why not?