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The Avengers - Movie Trailer


Joss Whedon directed, release date: 5/4/2012


Before anyone says that this was posted already in the Geek S##t Volume 6" thread I say this trailer deserves its own thread.



Hey Nards


Oh yeah, I posted there first, but I agree with this trailer getting its won thread.


I know just fucking with you.

My elbow hurts so I want other people to be irritated like me, thanks for being my friend.


No problem.

How did you hurt the elbow?


There is much more important things to discuss, such as:

Why is there a new Hulk actor?


Why is Thor so puny?



Great questions Stu! Inquiring minds want to know...


I was also wondering this. It's not like Ed Norton's really been doing anything lately.


^^He probably wanted too much money. Isnt that usually how these Hollywood things work out?


I think the issue is, he wanted more control over the character development. That is why his "Banner" was actually the most competent of any others who played the character even though Bana did a great job with his overall personality.

He had already opted out before all of the talk of the Avenger's movie.


Preview = awesome.

Thor = small fucker who should have trained more before the movie.

I am disappoint.



(Ya bastid! -lol)



I was about to say where the fuck's the Hulk? The bastards were holding out until the end of the trailer.
So is the antagonist just Loki? That's kind of lame.


I get the feeling they are following the New Revamped Comic Version. Loki tricks some Super Bad Guys into fighting on his side.


More emphasis on Iron Man here?


When I saw the officers pointing their guns to the sky, I was half expecting the aliens with vibranium technology. They should've picked a Celestial that would be awesome. Kind of funny too.


upon first glance this is what I thought your post said lol


Fuck sake, there's as many Hulks as there are Batmans...

uh, Batmen?? nm