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The Author's Locker Room


Starting on Monday, October 24th, T-Nation will begin a new forum called "The Author's Locker Room."

This is where many of T-Nation's authors will hang out and answer questions.

Whereas the old Prime Time feature restricted authors to a 7PM to 10PM time slot, the Author's Locker Room is open all the time.

Whenever a T-Nation author is on-line, his name will pop up in a box on the left hand side of the screen that will be similar to the old Prime Time box.

T-Nation writers will be able to start new threads in the Locker room and T-Nation members will be able to ask them questions.

Readers, however, won't be able to start new threads; only respond to those that have been initiated by the writers.

Hopefully, this will make the authors more accessible to those T-Nation members who weren't able to log on during the old Prime Time hours.

So make sure to check it out!


Is there any site in the world better than T-Nation. I don't think so. You guys and gals are awesome!!


Great addition TC, I'm looking forward to it!


AWESOME. With my schedule this will be COOL I hardly ever got to catch Prime time Now WATCH OUT all the GURU's


This is perfect -- no more trying to guess which forum the Guru posted on the next day!


This is sweet! I was always coming in late to prime time and was spending a lot of time catching up before I would consider asking a question.

It will make it a lot easier now.

Thanks, T-Nation.


always gets better


Awesome, I was worried after the announcement of no more Prime Time, we would have no more access to these brilliant minds. Keep up the good work gents.


You think to yourself....it can't get any better than this, but then you guys make it even better! Thank you from a loyal reader and customer.


This site is so good, I'm surprised it hasn't been banned by the government yet.


I have a suggestion for another "feature" along these lines.

It would be nice to have a "Biography" link for each author so that we, as readers, could have quick acess to the background and biographies of each author.

For instance, say I just read another EDT article from Charles Staley and wanted to know more about him or his company. I could click on the Authors drop-down on the left, and choose "Biographies" where I could choose Charles name and be presented with a short article highlighting his background, where he is located, educational history, degrees, years training, certifications, link to his web site... You get the idea.

Sound plausible?


I agree! A bio with links to books/DVDs and websites the authors have been involved with would be awesome.


TC. You crazy fuck!

How are you gonna top THIS now???

This site is just too awsome.

...and it just gets better and better and...



I think just about every article I've read on here contains a little blurb at the end about the author and a link to his website (if any). For instance, JB's seven habits article (just to pick one at random):
If you scroll down to the end of the article there is a short bio with a link to his website and his email address.


That's a great add-on! I wish you a lot of sold suplements :slight_smile:


I guess I can stop lamenting the loss of Prime Time! :wink:


This is way better than prime time because it allows the authors to pop in and out as their schedule allows. Good call, TC.

Hey TC, I miss your daily trivia question that you used to have on your blog. If you don't start this up again I may take it upon myself to start a daily trivia thread or something.


Will there be an archive of these threads made by the coaches?


Very good idea. The constant improvements to this site truely kick ass! I have always missed the forums by the authors due to the fact that i am 8 hrs ahead of your time here in Kosovo. Maybe now i can get lucky and catch some of our greats! Thank You


Your dedication and service to this site's users is stunning.

And by your, I intend the entire T-Nation staff, from the lads in the warehouse to the authors.