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The Austrian Oak


I'm 6'5 230....what do you think so far? Open to all criticism.

These pix are from February....i'll try to get more/better quality pix up




is that a gut?


good foundation, good start…keep it up


It’s hard to rate your physique based on these pics. The lighting isn’t very good (obviously) and there are no legs pics. What are your goals? Workout routine? Diet?


1, more like austrian joke


You look like you are on the right track and on your way, I;m about 90% sure but hard to tell for certain since your pics are terrible.

How about some better pics?

BB front relaxed (not a loose goose pose)
Most muscular
lat spread

Hint: if you want to use clever lighting, use an overhead lightbulb.

Now you look serious and I need to be straight here. You can tell from two of the comments - most people on this forum/board/site are clueless about judging muscular development, so if BBing is your goal and you want good advice, put it up in a more suitable forum like intensemuscle or professionalmuscle. OR send your pictures to some of the more experienced members here (you know who some of us are) and avoid the RMP forum.


And yes, you need a lot more size. A LOT more.


Well, the back shot, despite horrible lighting, at least gives the impression you’ve been training. Obviously you need more time to put on a lot of size. Your height will definitely work against you,…for a few years though.




Those pix were just ones i had handy from my cell phone. When I took them, I had no intention of using them as serious/high quality pix.

I will try to get better pix soon.