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The Austrian Oak Takes a Stand...


1)Go to http://news.google.com/
2) Go to the page Titled "AP Interview: Schwarzenegger explains stance on food supplements" under "U.S."

If i sent the link to just the page it would ask for a membership, but google gets you in for free apprently.


Here is an excerpt:
"Even today, when I eat, I have in my bathroom at the Capitol, I have five or six bottles of food supplements, vitamins C and B12 and B and fish oil pills and all that kind of stuff," he said. "Wherever I am, I have food supplements. That's part of me. I just happen to believe in it very strongly."

Glad to see that we have an ally in the Govt.



It's seems a bit of a novelty for an elected official to actually have some knowledge of the things they are voting on.


Maybe Arnold will hold the line on supplements better than the way he held the line on his extra job with Muscle & Fitness. He caved in to those pressures like a house of cards!


I am glad to see Arnold speaking up for us.

He did the right thing in terminating his contract that was paid for through the sales of supplements.

I would prefer that Arnold show no appearance of a conflict of interest so that he would be taken seriously.

His opinion on the subject is beyond suspect if he is accepting $1 million per year from the supplement industry while hold a very prestigious public office.

Perception is everything and we are a minority. The American public must be convinced. It does not help that everyone know he took steriods (which I am all for) but Americans are very ingnorant as the MSM has not done their job in decades.


They were legal when he took them.


His extra job sure looked like a potential conflict of interest over this issue.

Now that he dropped it, he will be more credible when discussing these issues and will not look like a paid shill.


Yea...I suppose that's true. Now he's able to act like every other politician. It's so exciting....not!


How is that acting like a typical politician? Politicians typically pander to their constituents in the interest of getting elected. Schwarzenegger doesn't benefit politically from supporting and endorsing supplements, and now he doesn't even benefit financially.

It seems he's just doing what any of us would do in his position. Standing up to these bullshit politicians who ARE trying to pander to their constituents, get their names in the paper, and ride the wave of public outrage against all things "performance enhancing".


Public pressure was brought against Arnold for his job with Muscle and Fitness.

Arnold caved under pressure, just as Teddy Kennnedy or Newt Gingrich would have done!

I'm not saying that it's right or wrong. All I am saying is that would have been the typical politicians next move.

I'm glad you like him because he seems to be taking a stand for the supplement industry, but that changes nothing!


Y'know, sometimes people change their behavior under pressure because they realize it is the right thing to do...

It's not always appropriate or respectable to do the wrong thing against all the pressure that is applied simply because pressure is being applied.

It's not all about being bullheaded and doing whatever the hell you personally want.


Arnold did the right thing. You cannot campaign on behalf of supplements when you are benefiting financially because of a magazine that's funded by supplement companies. Maybe you should be able to, but the fact is that you cannot in this society. Arnold can now legitimately say that he supports supplements for no other reason than that he believes in them.


By the way, not only did Arnold drop the M&F job, he has taken his name off of the Arnold Classic in Columbus. I wonder what it will be called now?