The arrogant joy of being a T-Man!

Just to relate a story to all you fellow hardcore MF’s out there! I was in the gym the other day doing my bicep/tricep workout. Now, I don’t know about y’all but when I’m at the tail end of a set of curls and getting the weight up is a matter of JUDICIOUSLY cheating just a bit to get the weight up, I do what I have to do. So, that usually means leaning back just a tad to get the job done. Anyway, I was in my second set of curls, hoisting the weight away. I had my walkman on, which meant that I obviously didn’t want to mince words with anyone. After the set, this fucking crumb came up to me while I had my Slayer blasting away in my eardrum. He motioned to me that he wanted to talk to me. Now, I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely hate it when someone interrupts my workout, my sacred hour of self-betterment. After realizing that the dude wasn’t going away, I took my headphones off to see what the punk bitch had to say. Apparently, he was a personal trainer(whatever that means) in the gym, and had some kindly “advice” to give me. This fucking guy must have been a scrawny 5’8", 140 loose lbs. The advice was that I could seriously injure my back by doing the backwards bending involved in the cheat part of my curls. I explained to him, very politely, that I was pretty seasoned and wasn’t outright rocking back and forth the way some fuckers do. Just slightly. All the while, I was livid that I was actually being sidetracked by such stupidity. I had business to attend to! But this cat just wouldn’t go away. He said something to the effect of, “This is a place of fitness… and we seek to ensure that all our members are working out safely and…” I cut him off at this point and informed him that I, too, had been a personal trainer and that in addition to knowing what I was doing, that he needed to mind his own doggone business. Would you believe that he STILL didn’t leave me alone? So, thoroughly pissed by this point, I stripped my shirt (I was in the middle of a cutting up phase, so I looked pretty damned good) and started flexing and posing in front of everyone. After going through my little impromptu routine, I said, “Ok, Since you’re so smart, let’s see the results of your applied knowledge, Mr. ‘Trainer’!” He was so embarrassed that he turned red and started stuttering some kind of response… after which he literally burst into tears and huffed off! HAHAH! That was the best experience of my life, I must say. Now, I don’t normally pull that kind of stunt, and I’m very reserved. But this idiot cornered a T-Man, and the results were… devastating for him. ANd after all that, a nice looking T Vixen came up to me and complimented my physique, and liked the way I handled the slob, which earned me a date and some more fun afterwards. What a good day it was to be a T-Man!


Slayer? No bueno.

If you are ever in the NYC or Long Island Area the Grow! shake is on me. Way to (here comes a new catch phrase kids…) T it up.

"MB Eric: T-ing it up, hittin' it out since 1564."


Hardcore MoFo…well, ya just proved yourself worthy of your handle, bro:-) LMAO!!!hehehe. That’s some wild, wild stuff, my man. Ya know, sometimes I feel like taking my shirt off when I’m training, but I don’t know how many peeps want to see something so close to those chitlens on the Sally Struthers commercials:-) Seriously, it sounds like you were really feelin’ the T, my man, and that, yes, my friend, that is a wonderful, wonderful thing! Keep it pumpin’ and there’s no shame in using what is often called Serial Distortion or by John Parrillo, Performance Points (controlled body movements for extra reps).

What a great story. I wish many times I had the balls to do something like that. oh well, me and a few of me friends streaked through Fry’s last weekend.

I hate when people come up to me in the gym and solicit advice unless I have asked them for help in the past etc. However I think your approach was wrong and you wound up wasting your own time. Although I was not there to witness the incident but you could have save yourself a lot of time by thinking him for the advice and moving on vs. getting in a p**sing contest with the guy. Just try to explain Ian Kings workouts to these idiots. Remember it takes less time if you just thank them. By the way was he ACE CERTIFIED.

Hell yeah!!! I hate starers in the gym but the gym troll is far worse. I will use the same curling technique as that sometimes to get a couple of good slow negatives and powerlifters use it often but once at my old gym this clown that was juiced up, my modest size, but with - no joke - Hulk Hogan’s current hair do pulled the same thing on me. Im the only guy there that does deadlifts, powercleans and hypers (not to mention that I do it as much as I curl or press) and this guy started a scene about me injuring my back that went on toooo long. I think the juice and water weight made him think he could chew what he bit off more than a few times in a row. To some extent I regret ending it with less class than you (WWTMD? - probably what you did) but Im still glad I put this troll in his little box if it discourages his practice in future. Plus I found a gym with a better chinning bar that hopefully wont have to ban me for schoolin trolls. It eats me up cause I can imagine one these guys in a football game or boxing or wrestling match - “STOP THAT NOW … you could hurt my giney”.

Good job, HardcoreMF0311. It’s nice to see a T-Man representin’ in the gym. WWTMD (What Would T-Man Do?). I think you exemplified that. Peace.

if this is really true it sounds like a great day!

J-Bone: WWTMD? I like that. For years my training parter Todd and I would whisper “What would Dorian do?” in each other’s ears during a struggle/last rep situation. It works, bro.

Just a little addendum: I live in Rio de Janeiro. I don’t know if I would have pulled a show like that in the USA, but things are a little looser around here and the average guy in the gym is usually really skinny and doesn’t know the least about how to weight train. Pitifully enough, anyone who works as a personal trainer in Brazil has to possess a degree in Phyiscal Education (or whatever), unlike our certification programs in the US. If I had been in, say, a New York Sports Clubs or Gold’s or something, I certainly would not have done something like that. But since I was in another country and, without tooting my own horn, had the very best physique in the gym hands down, I figured, “Fuck it! I’ll have some fun with this one.” The attention I received afterwards from the vixen was probably due in part to my being a gringo, having a good physique, and some classic nutsac. Apparently, that personal trainer was in the habit of pestering people about such issues.

As a side note to John Koenig, I liked that bit about “WWDYD” (DY = the one and only Dorian Yates). One time, when I was working out at the altar of Larry Scott, I was in the midst of a sticking point on a heavy set of these curls when my hardcore training partner, Tony, in witnessing my struggle, whispered in my ear, “Blood n’ Guts, right?” That did the trick, and the rep was accomplished in particular fury! Long live Blood n’ Guts!!!

Awesome story! The guy literaly cried? A little bullshit thrown in the story for good measure perhaps?

Way to go hardcore MF! That is textbook behavior. And the chikie to boot! Got a buddy studying for ACE certificate and I told him pass the test and promptly forget everything they tell you! ACE pussies.