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The Arnold 2019

I think I should be able to ask here. Can anyone tell me a good hotel to book for the Arnold? Possibly walking distance? And is anyone here going? Going from Central nj, area?

Should of booked last April for a good price. All the hotels downtown will be super expensive by now if not already sold out.

I don’t think any of my good friends are competing this year so I probably won’t go up there this year.

I hope your joking. I didn’t expect to have problems when it’s 2 months out.

I’m really not. Hopefully you can find something reasonable but if you want walking distance that’s going to be prime price if ther’s any open.

Looks like a few are open and right about $170 lol. I’m not trying to go for the full thing just get down there one day, pull the next then leave the following day. Maybe I’ll go down one day, pull the next and head home lol.

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Which event are you lifting at?

Not an event just a buddy that’ll bring me ahead of the rest of the crowd to pull in the cage. Figured if I can hit 800 I might get a little recognition lol


Why do they put powerlifters in cages?

That’s their thing they have a bunch of people scheduled in it to do big lifts and stuff

Because that’s where they belong!