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The Army Life

I dont know if im remembered on this site… i have been a lerker for about 2 or 3 years… and about 15 weeks ago i left for basic combat training, Fort Jackson. about 4 months before i left i focused on my pushups, situps, and sprinting, to make my life there a lil bit easier, and it did help, but there was one thing that i left out of the equation… long distance running. before i left for BCT i wasnt much of a distance runner, due to a knee problem it limited my movements, after i recovered i just never could get up to distances of 2 miles in under 16.5 minutes. jackson tore me up on run days, and being a chain smoker for a year didn’t help matters, but after a few weeks i got into the groove of things and my body started adjusting, getting all that crap out of my lungs and my system… i graduated basic training, with the help of T-Nation for adittional training i did in my personal time and the nutrition that i learned from this amazing site, not having much time to eat, and the constant supplies of MRE’s that we were eating in the field didnt help, but with the activity levels that we were at my body burned it off pretty quick. the training was pretty standard, but i was suprised at how well i adapted, i was expecting to lose muscle mass, but i actually gained 12 pounds through the whole ordial, a lil being fat, but thats to be expected… but i look, feel, and perform better than ever before. i never knew that a routine so simple would improve my small body type so vastly… im going home the 17th for x-mas, and im graduating in january… just wanted to voice my thanks to everybody on the board and all the great articles… i awe my success to all of you, god bless you… and i promise to do my best to serve my country and the citizians of this great land…

–PVT Beef

I think congratulations are in order. Good luck with everything, and be safe wherever you go. Keep everybody posted on how you are doing. Again, good luck.