The Arms Any Good?


I think we need a better picture. One where you are sideways and flexing you bicep while your fist from you other arm is pushing into the inside of you arm to make you arm appear larger. Only then will we be able to tell. Please don’t post mandatory pics or use body building poses. May God have mercy on you soul…

Have you, by chance, watched the movie “Saw” 376 or so times???

“May God have mercy on you soul…” A very late reply to your comment. Please do not apply ‘your god’ to my soul ! Shows your very arrogant contempt for anything outself of your own relegious beliefs. I find this attitude pretty sickening.

Back 5 years later just to see
If you can reboot a failed troll attempt? Why? Just why?


What exactly was ‘troll’ about it?

This is terrible. All of it. Terrible. You receive zero points.


The really weird part is this guy joined in '06, never posted until this thread in '12. And randomly disappears until '18. 666? Satan confirmed.

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Honestly that’s just next level trolling. I’m impressed


The arms are no good!!!

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