The Armory for Forearms?

I was looking at it, and since elitefts seems like a pretty legit company, I feel like they wouldn’t sell me crap. Or maybe that’s just what they want me to think. Any reviews guys?

You may also want to try posting this over at gripboard as im sure someone over there has probably tried it.

You could always ask them on the q/a then tell us how it is bec it looks interesting.

What exactly are you looking for from this product?

Twisting strength is not going to help the supporting grip strength for a powerlifter (what causes you to miss lifts) or the pinch grip strength for someone who is looking to improve that area.

This would be like tearing a deck of cards in hopes that it will boost your supporting grip. Both are feats of hand strength but utilize totally different mechanisms.

If you are just looking to build larger forearms then making a wrist roller is easy and effective, while also being very adjustable. All that you need is a piece of PVC, a drill, and some rope. For building supporting strength I would recommend doing things like farmers handle or dumbell holds, and also doing timed hang from a revolving bar (or chin up bar).