The Archaic Coach Davies

I’m going on vacation down south in a few days, and I’ll be staying at Mom’s where I’ll be working out with a barbell set that only has 100 lbs worth of plates, and a sandbag I’ll construct there. I want to use the Archaic template, but I’m confused about the “Section B” part. There are 3 columns of numbers there, and I’m unsure if they’re percentage of 1rm, or what. For instance, day 1 has
Snatch 50 2 6
Power snatch 70 4 3
Overhead squat 70 6 3
Are the exercises done as a giant set, with 1 minute’s rest, or what? Thanks for the help again, you’ll probably get (another) rush of interest re this program. I look forward to doing it!

“50, 2, 6” = percentage 1RM, sets, reps

Although I'm not familiar with the exact program, the rest periods are usually about 45-60 seconds and that should suffice your needs.

Wow - I love the “Archaic series” - maybe one-day I can convince TC to reprint the full-set. Great training stories. But in answer to your question it refers to % and is not done in circuit fashion. Tell me how it goes. In faith, Coach Davies