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The Apple Cider Vinegar Thread


This is an attempt to lose weight. I heard about cider vinegars fat loss benefits from an old bodybuilder who apparently used to be the biggest guy in my town. He said he got the tip from the english guy who trained arnold schwarzenegger when he was in england.

I've tried it once or twice and noticed a little difference. I've tried it a little the past two days and believe it or not my work trousers are noticeably looser round the waist and my brother said he noticed a difference in my physique.

So i'm going to start this thread to monitor my progress. I mix about 1 sixth of a pint with the rest of the pint as water, adding honey and sugar to take the edge of. I will try and drink this at least a couple of times a day.


Don't you think NOT drinking honey and sugar would be a better idea?


Just man-up and take it straight. I personally have no trouble keeping fat off, but I do take it about twice a week just for general health purposes. When I feel like I'm getting sick I take it more frequently and it seems to help ward off the illness. In all honesty though, taking it straight tastes like ass but just smile as it goes down and maybe shiver a little bit and you'll be okay haha. Adding the honey and sugar is kind of contradictory to your fat loss goals. Just rinse your mouth out after to get that heavily acidic shit off your teeth.



Drinking that much acidic vinegar doesn't sound like a good idea. What are the long term effects of doing this? Personally, I wouldn't do it even if it proved to lose body weight.


I've gotten into the habit of, upon waking up, having a glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of ACV with half a teaspoon or so of cinnamon. Not for fat loss really, but purely for its purported health benefits, including its regulating effect on blood sugar levels / insulin release. That is, it's meant to be good taken before a high carb meal (in this case breakfast).


No offense, but this sounds like a bunch of BS. Show me some medical reports. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of hearsay.


There are lots of holistic medicines which haven't been studied extensively or at all, Digity. Just because something has not been studied does not mean it's a bunch of BS, it merely means that it hasn't been studied and that you can experiment for yourself to try something out. I'm sure many holistic medications will be studied in the future, but as of right now it is more a less a new venture in western medicine.

Basically, don't knock something until you try it. Nearly all of our modern medicine is found in nature, it's silly to believe that just because something found in nature with supposed health benefits hasn't been studied (or used commonly in hospitals) that it is a "bunch of BS."


And the long term effects? I have no idea but I recently heard Jack LaLanne say that he has been taking apple cider vinegar daily and he's a pretty old dude (who is still quite fit I might add).


I hate Jack LaLanne....he invented the Smith Machine and if it weren't for him my gym would probably have a frickin' power rack. :confused:


keep us updated, I love stuff like this.


Funny stuff... Medical reports.

Show me the medical reports that encourage ingesting over 200 grams of protein a day. They don't exist. Yet, most of us here at T-Nation ingest well over that. Why? Because it works.

If you are going to wait around for studies to make your nutrition decisions, then you are just going to be a slave to the whims of the food industry. There's no money in apple cider vinegar. Who's going to fund the study?

Wake up and do your own research and experimentation, and use some common sense: how could fermented apple cider NOT be good for you? It's acidic, so helps with digestion, and is chock full of nutrients.


Don't large amounts of acid also damage your teeth and digestive system ?

(honest question, to whomever may know if this is the case here)


No and hell no.

I wouldn't be worried about teeth, especially since most people dilute the vinegar with water.

And as for digestion, the acid is certainly a good thing. The pH in your stomach is supposed to be very low, in order for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients. And it turns out that most people's stomachs are not acidic enough (exactly the opposite of what the antacid peddlers would like you to believe), especially as you get older.

Hence the HCL therapy which has been mentioned quite a bit on these forums, and worked wonders for me.


Chock full of nutrients?

Here's a quote from an article on ACV:
"Apple cider vinegar is anything but a storehouse of nutrients. A nutritional analysis of one tablespoon (more than the one or two teaspoons suggested to make a tonic) reveals that the golden liquid contains less than a ram of carbohydrate: minuscule amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium. copper, manganese, and phosphorus; and a mere 15 mg of potassium. The fiber, vitamin, and amino acid content is zero."


Oh yeah, tons on nutrients...rolls eyes

Here's a dumb article explaining the benefits even though ACV has trace amounts of nutrients:


Yeah, no shit. It's only a tablespoon. I'm not saying it's like a multivitamin or something. All I'm saying is that it helps with digestion and is made from fermenting apple cider. Therefore, how can you be worried that it won't be good?


i've been using apple cider vinegar for years. it restores the ph balance of skin & hair - spritz some on after a shower. relieves itchy scratchy skin in a great hurry. and no more dandruff either since i've been using it has a hair rinse.

if you are drinking the stuff - 1) use a straw (i would stick straw way back so the liquid avoids the teeth) or 2) rinse afterwards with some baking soda in water to clear the acidity from the mouth - keeping the enamel on teeth is a good thing.

i take it in capsule form - right before eating and more when i'm not feeling particularly well. haven't been sick in nearly 4 years - no colds, no flu, even when everyone else around me is sick. most i've ever gotten is a tickly nose.


Organic Cider Vinegar I believe leaves an alkaline ash in the body - like fresh lemon juice....ha ha I'm also weird because I quite enjoy a shot of the stuff.


whats all this stuff about shooting it and honey?

mix it 1:1 with olive oil, garlic and assorted dried herbs = dressing.

dress spinach with this and you have a powerhouse of 'healthy' effects.


If you're getting results with ACV then who am I to argue? It just sounds gimmicky, but if it's working then by all means don't stop.

I mostly eat balsamic vinegar and put it on my salad.


What fun is that if you can drink it straight followed by an olive oil shooter and a bite of garlic?


My grandfather in-law has been taking a shot of ACV for the last 40 some years, he's never sick and up until last year walked 9 holes carring his golf bag every day. He turns 91 this year.
Maybe it doesn't work, maybe it does, I'll take my chances with it.