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The Apex Creature

Ive been watching a fair few documentaries varying from animal specific shows, to evolution of man and it has gotten me thinking of the apex creature, and whether humans are the top of the food chain, or if there is a animal specific species that is displaying certain evolutionarily traits that has the potential to one day rival man, or perhaps go beyond what has been achieved by man.

One could argue whether each animal has its own particular place on the hypothetical “food chain” and they serve their purpose to only live off the bare necessities to survive, or maybe we are too blind to notice the growth and traits that animals are adapting to survive.
For example, orcas (killer whales) and their increasing attacks on great white sharks, who once were considered the apex predator of the ocean. They now understand that sharks are incredibly vulnerable since they hunt alone and orcas hunt in packs, if they can tip them on their side thus making the shark immobile, it allows them to kill and eat the livers of the shark which have a high nutrient value.
Many examples include how chimps and gorillas in captivity are watching humans with technology and phones, and now when given these equipment before ever even using these things, know exactly how to use certain apps etc.

I suppose I would want to know whether anyone else believes there is a creature that would ever rival humans for the “advancements” (?) we have created for ourselves that would one day rival us?.. , and other animals that you would think be able to advance well beyond their current state


I can say with certainty that, in the nanosecond of geologic time humans have been scientifically studying orca behavior, said behavior has not evolved in any measurable way. I don’t know how long an ‘orca generation’ is, or how long they’ve been the object of scientific inquiry. But if we assume, generously, that we’ve been studying them 200 years, and that an orca generation is only 10 years, it follows that we’ve been studying them for only 20 generations–far too little time for meaningful evolution to occur. So, the supposition that orcas of late “understand” something they didn’t understand previously is not tenable.

If there is to be a quantum leap in intelligence, it will come in the form of AI.

I dunno, 70,000 years ago humans were on the verge of extinction from the Toba catastrophe. The 60,000 years ago there was “The Great Leap” who is to say it will not happen again. Only this time, another species makes “The Great Leap”. I am betting on dolphins.

Most animals are already smarter than we are.

Huh? Name a single species “smarter” than humans.

No animal will ever threaten humans on any sort of scale without some sort of catastrophe involved.

When was the last time you were able to sense when a person was going to have a seizure? Or predict an earthquake? Or when the weather was change? Or communicate silently for one adult to watch the kids while the others graze?

Animals are infinitely smarter than we are. We are just too dumb to communicate with them.

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It’s gotta be penguins. Those Madagascan penguins are badass motherfuckers.


Oh for sure
It would 100% have been going along for much longer then we have ever noticed, but the whole idea is that once orcas and sharks had lived within the same habitat, and one day an orca learnt that if it can hit the side of a shark hard enough to knock it upside down, it renders the shark useless.
And now the teachings that the parents show the young that those actions work to kill, it shows these creatures(big or small) have the brain capacity to be able to learn.
Maybe not enough for evolution, but that capacity to learn is a significant push for a species, essentially killing two birds with one stone. Removes a possibly predator, and replaces it with an added food source.

Having sensory advantages doesn’t make them smarter. For example, some people are able to identify people who are in the early stages of illnesses like the flu. That’s a pretty neat trick but it doesn’t make them smart.

I’m pretty sure the person having the seizure thinks the dog is smart. The sensory advantages are only half of the equation. The ability to convey that knowledge is intelligence.

Intelligent definition: A person or animal that is intelligent has the ability to think , understand , and learn…

What it all boils down to is adaptation. The species who is able to learn and adapt will be the winner. Just like 70,000 years ago. The humans at the time weren’t particularly smart, but they learned to adapt. Now here we are, eating Tide Pods, and debating gun control. C’mon man! You have read enough threads on here to know that some humans aren’t that smart either :joy:

I never said they had no intelligence. I said none of them are smarter than humans.







Eye dentist is right though, Skynet is going to win!

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Orcas are definetly serious dudes! I can’t believe the stuff I see on the nature shows.

3 killer whales swim side by side to generate a big-ass wave to knock a seal off a little chunk of ice.

2 killer whales drown a small hump back whale and munch on that young dude for a week.

That “Tonic Immobility” is also pretty ruthless.

I was watching the other day, and a large group of dolphins was swimming around, kicking it. Then a big group of False Killer Whales (how many types of killer whales are there?) heard their noisy sonar clicks, and started Racing towards them. It was giving me anxiety! I was sure they were going to eat the dolphins. I nearly changed the channel. I still get ill thinking about that poor baby whale.

Anyway, the false killer whales caught up to the dolphins. Then they started hanging out and kicking it together. It was cool.

This Orca Battle Beast is probably the Top Dog, all could take out 11 robots.


Not apex, but also cool.



I dunno… that duck looks pretty badass!
Oh! And there are at least four different types of killer whales😉



This goes deep, bros!

Orcas have been using propaganda against us for at least 2.5 generations!



Those Fools created a robotic killer whale! We’re already too late!


That was very uncomfortable to watch! Poor thing looked like it was having a seizure.