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The Anti-T-Nation


These guys also want to get HUGE... Just not like the people here...


I warn you... This link might traumatize you, it is not for the faint at heart...




Been posted before, but it never gets less disgusting.


Be afraid... be very afraid

Sorry... Did a quick search but my searching skillz on forums suck




this must be a joke on bodybuilding forums, but that would be difficult to fabricate


Normal folks might misunderstand what we do, too, but I don't think anyone would lump us in with those freaks.

Congratulating each other on becoming morbidly obese, America FUCK YEAH!




i really really wish i never opened that link


This is a joke right? Because if it's not, bombs are going to drop, radiation is going to spread, and those half sacked dick tards are going to be all that's left. Well them and cockroaches.


I can't wait to have money stolen from me to pay for his healthcare


Go to my thread "Why Morbidly Obese People Suck", formerly "Why Fat People Suck" and vent your frustration at the growing epidemic of FAT ASS LAZY FUCKS.


I never want to eat again...ever


It's a disease remember ?


A look into the inner workings of their 'gainers':


"What the hottest reason for having a big gut hanging from your bod? Watching it jiggle."

"I feel strong and powerful with a gut. I love the way it protrudes out from in front of me, no way to hide it from view. My dad has a big gut and I want to be bigger than him."

"It makes a nice plate shelf when eating on the couch. The love handles make a nice resting place when carrying packages. The softness does make body rubs more stimulating."

"Why do you want a gut in the first place?
It gives me a sense of presence, like I'm not just another thin clone walking around like a zombie. People tend to notice BIG people if for no other reason than their size."


God this has to be a joke. But seriously how do they live like that? I mean... how do they have sex like that? Anyone... anyone?


It's a cry for help...

"Please send more take-out!"


Why does that dude's moobs point in different directions? I feel like I'm staring into a drunken/retarded, bald, sweaty fish's face, with the ginormous belly button serving as a reverse mouth trying to suck me into its bad-smelling hell.


"[I] find pubic fat beautiful and sexy!!"


I'm laughing because I don't know what else to do!! Haha! I also feel very dirty, and need to take a shower.



"Thanks! I just eat fast food really...and sit around.

Sitting around is getting easier, because getting a bowl of ice cream alone gets me winded."

Wow, what an awesome accomplishment... WTF is wrong with these people? They actually think sitting around on your fat ass eating shit is difficult to do?