The Anti-Me Program - OR - Training With Genetics

My foster brother is just a big/strong guy, but not a big fan of the reading. He can get great gains by just working on benching and curls 7 times a week, working until failure.

Basically, the total opposite of most the guys that come and try to gain it smart. He doesn’t need to. But, I would still love to give him a program that at least would make me cringe less when he talks about his training.

He asks me about how to lift smarter, but I spend more time on injury prevention than lifting heavy. We are just 2 different of builds.

What is a good freak program?

OVT, EDT, Anything waterbury, etc… any and all on the site will work. Just depends on the goals. Or take the knowledge gained and create your own that attack his weaknesses. Most likely back and legs emphasis from what you describe. Its not rocket science as he has proven. Much of it is Just simply getting in the weight room and Lifting weight with intensity.

Hope that helps,

Just tell him to remove failure permanently and instead use heavier weights and greater volumes than he did before. That’s really all a freak needs.