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The Anti-Anti-Soy Article: WTF?



Sounds like a bunch of bunk from the Soybean Marketing Council.


The really fun part is that while on one section they say that soy isoflavones will not have any real bad effect on kids, on the other they hail the fact that women can use it instead of HRT to increase estrogen...

So, apparently they're convinced giving estrogen to kids is not bad for them.


That's almost as idiotic as when they say that "today's high-end body building formulas have, for years, had soy protein isolate as their primary ingredient. Primary ingredient, in this case, means 70% or more by weight".

"Today's" High-end bodybuilding "formulas" have over 70% of soy protein isolate? Riiiiiight. Seems they need to have their definition of "high-end" checked.