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The AnimalPak Guy


Am I the only one who thinks that guy's off his bloody rocker?


There are multiple guys that promote animal pak, which one are you refering to?

And, no, I don't think any of them are off their rocker, and in fact I admire their dedication.


He is talking about Machine probably and no I dont think he is off his rocker. That is my favorite site and I approach lifting in a very smiliar fashion. I got to talk iron with him at the Arnold. Animal Pak has a cage there and they do seminars bench contests etc. It was him, Bulldog, Vlad, Sgt. Rock, House and a few others.


Um, I'm not completely certain, but I'm pretty sure it's most likely an advertising exec who writes the text of those ads, not the muscular fellow posing for the picture...

And while the quotes do border on obsessive, I find someone who lets themself become a fat piece of blubbery humanity without flinching to be far more 'off their rocker'.


You mean, we're not supposed to be crazy?



Yeah maybe the advertisements but the articles on the site they write themselves. It is a no nonsense hardcore animalistic style of training, exactly what suits me. Its not for everyone though and the OP obviously doesnt share that philosophy.


So those lifters wrote those articles like bodybuilders "write" articles for Flex magazine?


Read them for yourself and decide. It is not exactly poetry my man. I have yet to see a guy in Flex say some of the shit thats on that site using that kind of profanity and language. Are they editted, perhaps, but I would be really surprised if some pencil pusher was writing some of those things. Plus the man looked me straight in my face and told me some of the same things that I found written on that site. For me that was enough.


Well, they train obsessively, but I don't see them at the top of their field. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they're not exactly the top bodybuilders of the world, are they?

To get to the top, you've gotta be crazy. But these guys aren't there, and to be that crazy and NOT be there is kinda silly.

And once more, if I'm wrong about that, correct me heh.

Training for me is a supplement to my life, so no, I don't share their philosophy. I train with dedication, and have reaped the rewards, with many more to come, but lifting isn't my life.


I think it depends on your philosophy on lifting, some of us like the no nonsense, balls to the wall training style, and to us that seems normal, but I can see how some less dedicated folk don't get it though...


There is one thing that is certain, though...

Cardio sucks...



I dont know how great their products are, but their marketing is appealing as hell lol

"Train like an Animal."

Simple and effective as fuck.


You are wrong about it, go do some research.


on a side note the bodybuilder on most of the ads, Frank McGrath, is supossed to leave the IFBB for the PDI later this year...


Crazy? No. Dedicated to the point of being obsessive? Absolutely.

I really like the Animalpak website. The way those guys live isn't for me - I don't care enough about this sport to dedicate my whole life to it - but I admire guys who decide what they want from life and stop at nothing trying to achieve it.

I also like the fact that there is zero bullshit on there. Yes, they are a supplement company and so there is a lot of marketing, but the articles written by the bodybuilders and the powerlifters all say the same thing - there ain't no substitute for eating big and training hard. And yes I believe they are written by the guys themselves - naive maybe, but I still believe it.

I do find their programs excessive and some of their ways of thinking are much too single minded, but the work ethic on that site can't be beaten...

Shut the fuck up and train.


If your going to be a bodybuilder you have to be obsessive, its the only way your going to win.


That photo above tells quite a good story. 30 year old guy spent all his money on Aminal Paks and juice, lives in a rathole apartment, never won more than $1,000 in a show, the crackwhore passed out on the bed laughed at him. He's wondering where his leopard print baggies are. If that's an advertisement for anything, I ain't buying it.


That "crackhead" passed out on his bed looks pretty fucking hot to me.


'I wanna get big... I don't care if I die in the process as long as they bury me in a big fucking coffin'

yyyyyyeaaaah boi hardcore now let me buy some vitamins for $20


I don't know anything about "the animal pack web site" and I truly don't care to look. However, if we are talking about focus and determination, yes, in bodybuilding, the guy with more of that is the guy who will make more progress. I don't agree that my entire life needs to be focused on bodybuilding because I personally want to live comfortably and think having an education is a good thing. However, I have no doubt some would call me "obsessed". The difference? I got tired of rat hole apartment in college.