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The Angels' Helmets


I mean the angels batting helmets you sick bastards! Why do they look like they were all burned in a fire? Anybody know?


It's the pine tar they use on their bats. They cake the bats in pine tar then adjust there helemet with their pine tar covered gloves. Bada bing - dark 'burnt' looking helmets.


awesome rainjack!


I known Vladimir Guerrero uses the same hard hat all year because of superstition. That's why it looks beat up.


The Red Sox did that last year, too. Not all of their players, but particularly Orlando Cabrera. Watching the game tonight, it's apparent that he carried that tradition to Anaheim.


The pine tar on the helmet isn't something that "incidentally" happens because they're adjusting their helmets. Most of the guys like Vlad and Orlando Cabrera purposely rub the pine tar all over the helmet for that caked-on effect.

As to why they do it, some guys like Trot Nixon have said the helmet is a convenient place to keep extra pine tar to re-grip, without having to call time out and go to the on-deck circle.

For others like Vlad, it's probably due to superstition and/or cosmetic effect. (I doubt Vlad even uses pine tar for his bat, since he bats without gloves and any extra pine tar stuck to his bare hands would adversely affect his fielding.)


Someone mentioned an interesting theory on it tonight as we watched the game. The thought was that they slop a bunch up on their helmet and then when they slap the front of their helmet (which a lot of them do), they get some extra tack on their hands to improve their grip. Sounded like a decent theory to me.

Either that or it's just a "fashion statement"... which seems odd in baseball, but I can live with it... just as long as we don't go back to those brown and yellow uniforms the Padres had or those weird cake box style hats the Pirates wore in the 70's.


MLB apparently is threatening to fine some of these players, since the pine tar obscures the team logos on the helmet. Kind of reminds me of the current situation in the NFL and their uniform code.


Manny Ramirez does the same shit. It looks discusting.

You rarely see a National league team with helmets that look like that, wonder what the trend is all about.


I noticed the Pine Tar helmet 3 or 4 years ago with the Houston Astros. Craig Biggio was the first player I ever noticed tarring his helemt.

Reminds me of the old pine tar bat incident with George Brett back in the 80's. The ump called him out because he had a litle stickum riding too far up the bat. Now the damn batters bathe in the stuff.

Anyone remember baseball before EVERYONE used batting gloves? Ahhh...the good old days.


The whole pine-tar scene started in response to how badly the balls were being doctored by pitchers, right?

It's funny how people try to make baseball appear noble when just under the surface it's as dirty as cock-fighting.


I think the whole thing with batting gloves is the same with receivers in the NFL wearing receiver's gloves.

I remember Don Beebe for the Buffalo Bills was pretty much at one time the only receiver in the NFL who wasn't wearing receiver's gloves. Still caught a shitload of passes too.


I remember the day - way back - when they allowed the recievers to wear stickem on their uniforms. They were covered in the stuff.

Fred Biletnikoff(sp) - from the Oakland Raiders was almost comical in how much goo he put on himself. Look at the pictures of him - all those orange blobs are stickem.