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The Anecdotal Evidence Thread


With regards to supplements or nutrition that you have experienced(preferred) or observed in others.

Ill start; I was using a hair conditioner that I think was making my forehead breakout so I stopped using it and started taking fish oil again after quite a while of not using it(about a TBSP a night of which is about 3-4 grams of DHA+EPA with a 3:2 EPA to DHA ratio which was also vitamin D fortified) and the next day my forehead significantly cleared up and skin in general looked more moisturized.

I have a feeling that a low fat vegetarian/vegan diet contributes to gallbladder problems especially among women(rational for this are the women at my church who follow such a diet).


There's a similar long-running thread in the T-Cell:

To chime in my two cents... things as simple as thoroughly chewing food and drinking less liquid during meals (to avoid "diluting" stomach acid) both seem to improve digestion.

Unconventional nutrition plans such as strategic fasting or properly-planned vegetarianism can absolutely deliver strength and physique results.

And on an less-related note, I used the word "anecdotally" this past weekend and ended up in an argument about whether or not it was an actual word. :wink: