The Anabolic Diet Being Vegetarian?

is it possible?? I guess in all fairness, I could eat 10, 15, 20 eggs a day if I had to. But is it the same as being able to eat meat??

I’m no expert, but that many eggs a day, everyday, can’t be considered healthy.

I’m on the fence whether to drop my veg ways and hop on this diet and really get intense, or just kind of keep flowing from routine to routine, diet to diet… not making significant gains… hmm, do I eat meat for the sake of the diet and still call myself a vegetarian? drop the meat when im done?

!@#$| tough call

[quote]-iceman- wrote:
I’m on the fence whether to drop my veg ways and hop on this diet and really get intense


why do you have to be on the anabolic diet to be “intense”? Why can’t you be intense on a vegetarian diet? If you want to go low carb, go low carb. It can easily be done on a vegetarian diet without eating 20eggs a day.

Why are you veg to begin with? Is that more important than your lifting goals? There is your answer.

Veg protein options I use(other than eggs):

Learn to cook with that stuff and you’ll be golden (especially seitan if its available to you).

Intense was the wrong word. I just want to do something out of the ordinary and I read the book and I actually really like all the principles of this diet. I will look into the alternate foods. I was vegan for 3 years and have recently become vegetarian. Personally, I just find it hard to meet all my nutritional goals being a vegetarian. I work really hard in the gym and have a strict diet but I feel like Im wasting a lot of energy trying to get what I need in.

Meat will definetly make this way easier to do.

That being said, I’m curious as to how you can be vegetarian one day, then all of a sudden convert away from it all of a sudden? I mean, if its a moral issue or religious issue, isn’t it somewhat trivial for a bit of muscle?

cottage cheese
greek yogurt
high protein tofu
whey protein

i know there are carbs in a few of these but building muscle and minimizing fat can be done on other diet programs then the anabolic diet.

Anyways, there is something about the anabolic diet i do not trust, health wise.

i am been toying with becoming vegetarian for a while. still undecided.

I’m a vegetarian myself, but I haven’t had to many problems… yet.

I’m still a noob so my caloric needs aren’t as high as what they will be in the future.

I usually have eggs in the morning, nuts throughout the day, and tofu/tempeh/seitan for my dinner. That mixed with a pre and post workout shake, as well as one before bed, I don’t have any issues getting my needed protein.

Calories were more of my issues up front, since my meals were mostly veggies, but I’ve learned the magic of oils (flax, olive, coconut, etc), which I had never really used before.

I could imagine being vegan could be a real pain in the ass though, I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself.

You will eat an aborted chicken but not a cow?

[quote]-iceman- wrote:
I could eat 10, 15, 20 eggs a day if I had to. But is it the same as being able to eat meat??[/quote]

If you think eggs are the only protein source available, that’s clue number one that you haven’t done proper research. Eggs are an awesome food, but you still want a variety of protein sources.

That’s another debate altogether and one the guys in the AD thread have definite opinions on.

I went vegetarian/vegan for two months and, without meaning to, I lost 12 pounds (while my strength increased).

If anything, that cemented the idea that someone looking for hypertrophy while on a nutrition plan with limited food options has to pay that much more attention to their calorie and macronutrient intake.

Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian weightlifter can be tough. Being on the Anabolic Diet can be tough. Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian while also limiting carbs (to abide by the AD) will be incredibly tough, and you’ll probably bomb out somewhere along the way.

I suggest you decide which is more important: sticking to your principles and the reasons you became vegan in the first place, and then making that plan work for you (which many people have done before)… or… transition to an omnivorous diet, adopt the Anabolic Diet, and make that plan work for you (which many people have done before).

Could a young woman say “I’ll have sex on prom night, for the sake of having sex on prom night, but I’ll still call myself a virgin afterwards.”

You can’t have your animal protein cake and eat it too.

Why? For the sake of being out of the ordinary? Dude, being a weight lifting vegetarian in itself is out of the ordinary.

You’re doing something wrong then. It’s challenging, yes, but it isn’t at all impossible.

Then you’re doing it wrong. What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

[quote]DF85 wrote:
You will eat an aborted chicken but not a cow?[/quote]

wow… this could be the most idiotic post ive read on T-Nation.

thanks for that.