The Anabolic Diet and Fiber

Hello all i read with great interest the massive thread on here regarding the diet, i went to the extent of getting the D.r D book.

I started the diet today with the following foods

3 eggs
4 bacon
3 mushrooms

handfull of nuts
small protein drink



my question is that even though i am using husk for fibre i am a bit concerned as ive not even thought about taking a dump yet and in the past i have suffered from painfull piles and dont want those problems again.

i was looking at about 25-30gr of fibre total what with about 4 servings of the husk along with nuts salad and peanut butter.

any advice

Eat your fiberous greens, broccholi and spinach.

Plus try taking something called “Fiber Choice.”

No carbs, chewbale fiber.

I took a couple a day to suppliment my fiber, they taste really good when on the AD, like candy.

Not so much when you’re off the diet.

How many cals are you getting? That seems awfully low to me.

You didnt specify how much you were eating for the last two meals, but unless you were eating an “assload” of steak and chicken, it seems that your protein as well as overall cals will be low.

Maybe you should check out the Anabolic Diet thread. 75 pages of USEFULL information. That way we don’t have 2 and 3 treads of the same thing.