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The Amazing Abandoned Cities of China (Pics)



That is very strange.


Here's another. They had a RE boom and built whole cities often in the middle of nowhere. Guess it keeps the masses employed!



zoom in on this image right between the finished half and the unfinished half and see what you think. Seems strange they would build half of a completed structure and the other half is a pile of dirt. Or that all the greenery suddenly stops at a certain point. Looks like possibly 2 maps, 1 old, 1 new, combined.

in case the link doesn't work, google map Dantu, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China and see for yourself. I might just try the same thing with Bing map and see what comes up.


I saw this a couple days ago when you posted it and I was talking to my brother and a couple others about it. Maybe it has to do with artificially inflating their economy? (I seriously have no idea, but they may be having issues below the surface and need to band-aid it with a huge housing boom) Either way, I thought it was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting!


An American Perspective from China blog - http://chovanec.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/reference-points-on-china-real-estate/

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You are correct about it being two different images taken at different times. This is why there is an abrupt color change. This is common on google maps.


this is really interesting. It appears on first glance to be a good example as why top down rule by fiat does not really work in economics.


It would so creepy to wonder around one of those towns... lol


It may take years but they are headed for a big crash.


Its probably not going to take years. China has been very creative about its debt issues but it has WAY more debt than it has reserves.


Alot nicer than Detroit.




Yeah, I do not doubt the place is abandoned. The map was just misleading.


Would make for some good paintball.


Off topic but
How are all these countries in debt? In debt to who? Each other? Or to corporations and private entities? At what point can you no longer just run up debt? Sorry, I just have no clue.


A few different ways, not the least of which is bond sales to citizens. When a government issues a bond, it is effectively putting out an IOU to the purchaser of that bond. Theoretically anyone or any entity (e.g. a foreign country, a foreign bank, etc.), depending on the countries regulations, can purchase these bonds. This is how countries can run up debt.

The issue Greece ran into, and the scenario you mentioned where countries cease to be able to run up debt, occurs when investors effectively lose confidence in the bonds issued by that country and refuse to buy them. The country must then offer higher interest rates to attract buyers or they simply cease to be able to finance their debt via this mechanism. This is what people are referring to when they say things like "the Chinese own the US" and other such things.

Another popular alternative countries have used in the past is to simply print more money, assuming they had control of the money supply. Obviously this is a method doomed to failure in the long run.


It reminds me of the thread about putting everybody in Iowa to take care of the worlds over population. Must not be as simple as some thought


China has a confusing mix of cities, provinces, and government run companies. But more so than any other country China is the actual borrower its just wound through a morass of paperwork. The money is borrowed from internal and external private individuals, various developement banks, corporations, other governments, and in a trick the US uses, borrowed from it self.


So, what happens when every nation basically collapses b/c of debt? Do we clear the monopoly board and start over? I mean eventually somethings gotta give right?