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The Alternate 80's B-Movie Thread


Since the Pound has seen fit to take on Tremors (and Big Trouble in Little China), there needs to be an outlet outside the encampment.

What are your favorites? Discuss...

Big Trouble is high on my list. If there has ever been a better Kurt Russell movie, somebody needs to tell me what it is. A couple of rumors about that script are that:

1) It was originally set in the Old West.

2) It was developed from an abandoned script for Buckaroo Banzai vs. the World Crime League.

Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension is one of my favorites, too. My favorite line from any movie is, "Laugh while-a you can, monkeyboy!"

 Vision Quest, Big trouble in Little China, Sixteen Candles, or anything else with John Cusack in. One of my favorites was Better Off Dead.


Can't forget Evil Dead 1 & 2 or Army of Darkness.

Now if only I could find my BOOMSTICK.


Oh, so many to choose from. Seems like the '80s was THE decade for B-rate movies. If only imdb was decade-search friendly (too many TV shows mixed in, 46K matches).


Escape from New York.




Army of Darkness was actually released in 1991. So, it ain't a "B" flick from the 80's. Technically.

But yes, any of the Evil Dead flicks; The Hunger; American Werewolf in London; Vision Quest (filmed in Spokane); Legend; The Breakfast Club; Say Anything; The Howling; Red Dawn (c'mon Patrick Swazy in survivalist mode).

And my tops of the list: Buckaroo Banzai, The Beastmaster, Flash Gordon and yes, Tremors (and I have all of these in DVD, 'cept Tremors).

But the absolute best in skin, sword and sorcery fun (w/Lee Horsely no less): "The Sword and Sorcerer". Yeah, babee.


UHF - Was there a better Weird Al movie? Oops, I don't think that means much.

Seriously, this movie took random to a whole new level. Michael Richards was great and who can forget "Spatula City"?


Something Wild was a great movie that happen to have been made in the 80s.

Also, Near Dark, Cutter's Way.

I kind of like Rumble Fish for some reason.


The Beastmaster.



and Killer Klowns from Outer Space!


I couldn't put "Near Dark" in that list. It's on my list of Top 10 All Time Favorites and as the BEST Vampire Movie Ever. But not as a '80's B-flick.

Uh uh...waaaay better film than that. Like an "Aliens" or "Raging Bull".

However, I would stick "Ragtime" in that list.


I forgot one of my favorites: Time Bandits.




"Quicksilver" with Kevin Bacon is a typical 80s deal. But there were some fair that wasn't as cheesy, like The Secret of My Success.

I'd like to mention that Krull absolutely sucked. The only worse movies I can remember from my childhood were "The Neverending Story" and "St. Elmo's Fire."


Sci-fi - Can't beat Robotjocks

Action/Alien - 'I come in peace'(with
Dolph Lundgren)

Fantasy/Swordplay - Red Sonja (gotta
love Arnie)This one might not be a 'B'
movie but should have.

Comedy - I'm gonna git you Sucka
(Waynes brothers)

Horror - Evil Dead

What do you guys think? Pretty good?


ok, i'm gonna get you sukka was realy funny. killer clowns from outa space, i havn't seen that movie in years! red dawn is one of my fav's, better off dead, big trouble in little china and wasn't there a movie called monster sqaud???





Haha Krull ruled.

All I really remember is a giant magical throwing star that returns, and storm troopers.


The used to be an outlet for "B" movies - does anyone remember USA's Up All Night? Some big breasted woman and/or Gilbert Godfrey used to host it.

Hmmm ... comming to mind are

Surf Nijas Must Die!
Better off Dead (is that a "B" movie?)
Bikini Car Wash
Big Touble ... was hilarious