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The Almighty V Build


I want my body to V-Out like the body builders. I have many reasons for this one is my size i think that my body will look more proportional if i was to do this.
I need Help in this area and I would take any advice that can be thrown my way.

My meas. are
5'8 (but my amrs measure out to six foot)
I am 177 pounds
my waist is 32 or 33
it varys

A little more information about me is that i am 21 years old. bulking right now trying to hit atleast 210 by the summer and then shred down to a solid 200

I see all these guys with this enormous lat growth that i dont have and i just need some help in that area
and many others i am sure but first i will concentrate on those.
I realize that this is a beginners page so dont flame me to badly i am just another guy with a set of goals looking for some really helpful advice.


add alot of pullups to your routine, man


Weighted pull ups and heavy bent BB rows will help immensely.


Start deadlifting every once in awhile, that will put on the mass.


Don't forget squats and shoulder work. That V-taper won't be much at all if his shoulders are underdeveloped.


if done correctly, all types of rows and pulls are going to help. Try several different variations, wide grips, t-bars, close grips, try 'em all. Pick the ones that work best for your body type and mix 'em up every month or two. I am by no means an expert. keep reading and try to take in all the advice and use what works for you.


I don't suppose you have a nautilus pullover machine available?


True dat. I didn't mean to leave them out.


I dont hava a natalius machine, I do deadlifts, and i squat I also use a lat machine. I am going to start trying to hit lats 3x a week doing pull ups until failure, DB raises, Lat machine, and maybe bb rows. Do you guys think that this is excessive. I work legs and back twice a week, every monday and friday. I then work shoulders, chest, arm/tri on the following day and do whatever workout i feel like on sat and sun. This routine is in need of work i know.

I have the spread sheet downloaded that sterno so kindly made but i dont know exactly how to read it or i would be doing some CW workouts. If anyone can help me, EXPLAIN SLOWLY, the rep rest scheme i would go after one of those as i think that my workout has been my main hinderance.



All the workouts should be described in articles on the site... the spreadsheet is just supposed to be helpful.

You'll even find people asking questions about reps and substitute lifts and so on in most cases.

It's all here man... just dig it out!


Thanks alot for the feedback i am looking at a couple of pages right now
Now I just have to get the BALLZ to pick a program and stray away from the usual into the unknown!!


weighted pullups, lots of rows and try some hand over hand sled pulls, they work great


Which CW program are you doing?

Given your mass and experience I don't think you should worry at all about specializing at this point unless you have a major imbalance. Just do whichever CW program you're doing to the letter and don't try to modify it or supplement with extra exercises at this point. It's tempting for beginners to take a program and then throw in this, that, and the other in their exuberance only to defeat themselves. The programs the authors write tend to be quite complete as is and don't need anything else. Don't do more and also pay attention to them when they tell you to rest. Customization only comes after you have some substantial experience with a variety of different methodologies under your belt. By that point you will know what works best for you. Eat like your a Roman on your way to the vomitorium (but don't vomit) and don't worry if you gain a bit of pudge on the way, because it will be easy to lose with all the muscle you will have built. Sorry if some of this seems a bit elementary, but it's better to say too much than too little in this case.

Best of luck.


I am back... I did my first day of CW ABBH 1 Today!! it was alright. I had alot of energy and i am worried about the gut i am sure i will get but i can get over that if i can get some much needed core strength from this workout. I do have one question, i am not trying to sound like a girl so dont take it that way but, when doing this program < can i still take my max amount of protien i weigh close to 180 so i will be taking roughly 180 grams of whey protien.

as long as i eat clean will I affect my appearance to much by taking the same amount of protien for a workout that seems, after today to be less than what i do now.