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The All Powerful Ultram


I dont know if anyone has been through the addiction and withdrawal of ultram (trmamdol) but it sucks bad. Is there a safe, and relatively comfortable way to get off of it after using high doses for 4+ months?
Any info is greatly appreciated.


What purpose did you use it for? The dependence depends greatly on the reason you're taking it.

Even though the manufacturer claims it is very low-risk as far as addiction, agencies in most countries prove otherwise.


Tapering gradually over a period of about ten days would be ideal. Depending on what you consider a high dose would weigh heavily on how hard you would come off it. I can tell you there is NO easy or sure way to kick narcotics comfortably.

No matter what you will still reap some consequences no matter what you do. Like Control said I don't know why you were using them but long term use of opiate analgesics is a last resort in my book. If your using them recreationally your playing with fire


Gator-aide and aspirin.


If you do it over 10 days, you might want to try taking valium or klonopin. It will make the withdrawal much easier, and you won't get addicted to the benzos in 10 days.


Replacing fluids and much needed electrolytes accompanied by a blood thinner will help but the only thing that will make narcotic withdrawl better is well...more narcotics. Methadone programs are run at a tapering schedule for just that reason.


were you taking them to get high? They give me a stomachache some times...


I took it when I had reconstructive surgery on my arm after a broken glass incident. I only took it for 2-3 days and didnt really like it that much. I have a bad reaction to percoset so thats why they gave that to me. It did nothing to me but put my ass to sleep.

I thought, shit I would rather be in pain and be conscious than take this shit and be in bed all day. So I just stopped, obviously my situation is much different since I only took it for 2-3 days. How that helps I have no idea, just thought I would share that.


Yes, unfortunately I was taking them recreationally. It is a period of my life I find very disturbing and would never want to make the mistake again. Over 4+ months I was using every day sometimes up to 30 50mg pills/day. I suffered extreme weight loss along the lines of 45 pounds. I have4 since been able to put on weight and have tapered down considerably but if I go cold turkey or dose too low, the withdrawals are overpowering. I always considered myself to be a tough guy, I never thought Id get owned by a drug. Im going to see a doctor as soon as my insurance paperwork is done. Do they regularly treat these kind of problems with medication that will ease the symptoms?

Thank you all for your responses.


holey fuck, that is a lot...


People take ultram recreationally?

Actually there is an easy way to kick narcotics. They have new methods and meds that clean you out right away. Although it is pricey, there aren't any painful withdrawal symptoms. The worst is cravings. This is more of a spiritual/mental problem than a physical one but its the most dangerous since it can hook people back into a vicious cycle..


Yea, I've had some practice with withdrawls from narcotics.:wink: I've also seen a lot of people simply transfer addictions from their previous drug of choice to methadone.

If it's that bad, go for a medicaly supervised detox.

Good Luck.


Rapid Detox, Google it .


You really would want to stay awawy from metadone, a very slow long taper can also be done.


I feel bad for people trying to kick a really bad narc habit. I know I have been there. Its not fun when your blood is on fire and your mind is not with you. Just remember and keep telling yourself there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And no matter how bad it gets just breath!!

Also try to stay away from the people that all love the stuff as much as you. I found that helped me the most. Cause every drug addict hates a quiter. And will try to call you back to that habit. I still get it ..even today.


Don't go cold turkey from #30 50mg tabs a day. You will go nuts.

Taper down at 7.5% per day - i.e. only take 92.5% of the prior days dose the next day. Run and Excel spreadsheet to come up the the dose. It is gonna take you a few months to taper at that dose. Slow taper will avoid seizures which are common with Ultram.

Also, go to www.turntohelp.com and you can locate a Dr. who can prescribe Suboxone which is specifically made to help people detox from narcotics/opiates.

Good luck Bro!


Hagar yeah there is Rapid Detox and it does work I saw a friend go through it..if you got a couple grand laying around. As for using Tramadol recreationally I think 30 50mg pills might qualify. And just to clear up my last post I definitely wouldn't advise Methadone, especially for kicking something as low key as tramadol. Truth be told the only way I agree with is kicking cold turkey, Ive done it several times. You just gotta ride it out


Same here. I did cold from meth @ 15 and smack @ 22. Its a horrible thing to go through but if you ever think of doing it again you just think of detox and that is enough for you to say nope never again.


There are no shortcuts around the physical aspect of narcotic addiction. But this might help with the mental piece of the puzzle:



You may also want to look into an I.O.P.