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The All-In-One Pill is Finally Here!


I ordered a DVD from Bodybuilding.com and got some free samples of a new sup here it is!

From SAN comes V-12 Magnum!

Its DESTROYS Fat and KILLS your Appetite and

SOMEhow it provides:


What a load of Crap!!! LOL


free sample!


haha, reminds me of Powerthirst!


I tested it, turns out its just chalkdust!


S.A.N Tight was one of the first fat burners I tried, and I could actually “feel” it as I do with HRX.


at one point i had a stack of all sorts of shitty “trial” stuff from bb.com that they gave me.

i just threw it all out, i didn’t want to put crap in me.

but they were very fun to read and make fun of with my friends.

next time i’ll share with y’all too.