The Akuma01 Thread

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How about we start a betting pool on Akuma’s contest weight? Winner gets to keep Akuma’s posing trunks.[/quote]

Why don’t you post something positive for once.[/quote]


Where exactly am I posting negative comments towards Akuma?

I’ve read your posts too, you just come onto these forums and suck every guys e-dick.

How useful or positive is it for us to know what weight Akuma will compete in his contest in? It’s his first comp, getting advice from Stu and another pro - he’s doing everything right and will come in at his best weight possible.

Thanks for following my posts.[/quote]

I was making a joke about the fact that 100 different people are predicting 100 different contest weights for Akuma in this thread. You just have the reading comprehension of a 12 year old.

But I am impressed by the number of e-cocks you can take in one sitting.[/quote]

You offer useless contributions to threads.
You’re interest in bodybuilding or lifting is superficial. From what I can see, this is all a joke to you.

You’ve posted progress pictures before right? You don’t even look like you take lifting seriously.

So don’t comment on contest weight unless you can contribute useful feedback.

E-cocks? That’s twice now. What’s your specific issue?[/quote]

Since you took the time to look me up, please post pics of your progress. Personally, I’m pretty happy with my strength gains (I’ve posted a couple semi-outdated vids in my hub). Physique will come in time.

So making a joke (NOT of akuma is out of line now)? WOW.

Feel free to share with us all the intelligent posts you have contributed in your time here.


Anyone of value on this forum has access to my hub and can view my photos. They can see the changes I’ve made this year. If you can’t view my hub, then you probably didn’t matter.

Between July to October this year (over 14 weeks) I lost 10.7kg of FAT, gained 2.5kg of muscle and went from over 33% BF down to 26.3% BF. I used a 13 point bio-signature to measure my body fat level - did you use anything more sophisticated than a mirror to measure yours?

Currently I continue to take waist (two), quad, arm, weight measurements and follow strict form on my diet and lifting sessions. This year over 6 months, I’ve completely changed my diet (to an anabolic diet), lowered my blood sugar levels to normal, reduced my diabetic medicine, dropped trouser sizes and take serious efforts to evolve my training including implementing changes in my workouts (tempo, ROM, compound lift variations, deploying fatter bars etc) all to improve my physique. I’ve made my changes and I’m improving and hitting weekly PRs - the only thing I’m calling you out about is being a dickhead and not constructively contributing to a contest prep thread. I don’t need to put up with shit from you. If you’ve got nothing constructive to contribute to a thread about a contest prep, then seriously reconsider before you post.

Intelligent Posts? Obviously you don’t read my replies on the BB, Beginner or Supplement (where I post more often) sub-forums enough since I make it a point to ask useful questions and give advice from my experience whenever possible. I say experience because I have only recommended what I’ve tried to shorten the time taken for others to be successful.