The Akuma01 Thread

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How about we start a betting pool on Akuma’s contest weight? Winner gets to keep Akuma’s posing trunks.[/quote]

Why don’t you post something positive for once.[/quote]


Where exactly am I posting negative comments towards Akuma?

I’ve read your posts too, you just come onto these forums and suck every guys e-dick.

How useful or positive is it for us to know what weight Akuma will compete in his contest in? It’s his first comp, getting advice from Stu and another pro - he’s doing everything right and will come in at his best weight possible.

Thanks for following my posts.[/quote]

I was making a joke about the fact that 100 different people are predicting 100 different contest weights for Akuma in this thread. You just have the reading comprehension of a 12 year old.

But I am impressed by the number of e-cocks you can take in one sitting.[/quote]

You offer useless contributions to threads.
You’re interest in bodybuilding or lifting is superficial. From what I can see, this is all a joke to you.

You’ve posted progress pictures before right? You don’t even look like you take lifting seriously.

So don’t comment on contest weight unless you can contribute useful feedback.

E-cocks? That’s twice now. What’s your specific issue?