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The Akuma01 Thread


From cuddly teddy bear too... who knows?!

For those of you who don't know (if you don't, your blind, cos he has a million threads lol). I'm talking about the big teddy bear, Akuma01. The man with the heart, the passion, the knowledge and the will power to go very far in this sport. He knows his anatomy/physiology, he knows his bodybuilding history, he knows how to annihilate a plate full of food, but most importantly he just has a complete 'love' for this sport and everyone in it.

Some people may not think he's 'worthy' cos he's a bit soft, but seriously, the man has 19" gun and calves to match, 29" legs, and I've seen some of his strength feats. Plus, he's competing in March (more info on contest prep also). Everyone can learn a think or ten from this man.

He has a lot of informational threads but lets really squeeze every available piece of info out of this man OK?!

So. Info. I/We want:
-Training history
-Before/after pics, numbers
-Style of training/split/reps - i know your an advocate of high volume training
-Diet - i know you advocate complex carbs throughout the day
-Anything else you wanna add.
-Answers to questions ppl can ask you, regarding philosophy/anything.

So that's it. Hopefully the man of the hour shows.

NB: He felt the threads had been slow recently, so lets spice it up a bit. Questions???




aw man, thank you, at least im not the only one :slight_smile:


He definitely should write more. He has a contest next March ? Maybe this thread will be a good guide to talk about his preparation, thoughts, plans etc (don't mean to pressure him by doing this, sorry if I am).

EDIT : Sorry Pro, you mentioned what I asked already in your first post, damn.


This should be informative and a laugh to boot knowing Akuma's writing style. Can't wait to see him in contest shape




WELLLLL not to get technical but they are 20 inch guns, thank you!

Haha but seriously, damn near brought a tear to my eye. Not too sure too many people are going to care to see this thread, but for the couple of you, how can i deny such a request?

Well starting from the beginning-

  1. Training history- As ive stated before, i grew up the fat kid. Im 100% Greek, so holidays, get togethers, outtings, basically any excuse to eat was utilized. I never really weighed myself, so it never struck me that i was fat. One day, freshman year of highschool, we were playing soccer. I was running and stepped into a pothole. The next thing i knew, i was damn near looking at the bottom of my foot from a standing position.

I went to the doctor, and it turns out i had hyper extended my knee. No big deal rally. The Big thing that hit me here was weighing myself at the Doctors office. 220lbs. I remember the look on my Father's face. It hit me hard. So, after watching a Conan flick, i decided to turn things around. The next year, i joined the gym class at school. Not really informational, but it was a means for me to lift. I got down to maybe 190lbs, and was a lot stronger. I recall benching 185 for the first time for a rep. I was so happy.

Up until i egged my coach on, and he 10 repped it, the bastard. But i was never happy, i knew i had to get bigger and stronger, unfortunately, with no car and no job, school was the only place i could work out. I took a gym class my next year of highschool, and progressed a little bit further...up until my accident. It was Towards the middle of Junior year, and some friends and i were dropping a buddy off from school. I was in the passenger seat, basically with my arm out the window and head on my arm. We reached a light that was green and proceeded to make a left turn.

Unfortunately what we didnt know was that it was a Unprotected left turn yield light, meaning there was no sign saying Left turn yield. I dont remember the accident, or weeks prior/after it, but from what i am told, a car going about 60mph in a school zone Nailed us, or rather Nailed me.

A coma is a very weird place to be, or atleast is was for me. I remember dark, everything dark, and it seemed like i was watching myself from a distance. I was standing alone, in the middle of no where, no light, no sound, and it lasted forever. It was mind bending really.

When i woke up from it all, i was terrified. Apparently i was lucky though. Glass nearly missed vital parts of me, despite have a rib through the lung, i nearly missed being blinded on both eyes, as i have a 1 inch scar above my left, and a 1 inch scar below my right eye. Life felt surreal for the next upcoming weeks. Everything was fuzzy, constantly. After my lung has patched up nicely, i figured it was time to start fixing things.

So one day i went for a run...i collapsed after a good 20 yards. My lungs had no capacity, my body felt weak and fragile...i felt like it i didnt exist because life was so fleeting. That was the first time in my adult life i cried....nearly broke my hands punching the asphalt of my driveway. I vowed that with my entirety, i would become something great, Transcend these limitations placed upon me, and evolve.

I got a Gym membership not long after. I began pushing myself, tirelessly. Pain didnt exist at that point. There was 1 goal, 1 meaning in my life- Strength. As i aged, i become stronger, wiser. And from there, my focus slowly shifted to bodybuilding. That was 2 years ago, and i was maybe 190, and am now sitting at 260...the rest is still being written.

Pics- Ill see if i can dig up some fat pictures of me. Honestly i didnt care to hold on to any of those, for i am not that person anymore.

Training- Many dont like original form of training. I account my original workout to shear ignorance. Chest, Shoulders/back, Arms, Legs. I threw off days in where i saw fit. I experimented with many forms of sets reps, and the exercises changed with them. Ive done everything from Rack pyramid training, 30 rep sets, etc etc. Probably the last 8 months or so, ive been working with 4x8s. I trained hard and i trained long. I didnt think i was overtraining simply because i didnt allow myself to believe in it.

I would do 4 or 5 exercises a muscle, 4 sets, and destroy them. Recently, i just got back from a week off, and have decided to change up my routine, working with a new split, thanks to the help of one of our senior members. Chest/Calves, Back/bis/forearms, Traps/Delts/Tris, Legs. Ive started using 4-5exercises per large muscle, 2-3 per small muscle, with 3-4sets per exercise.

The need to adjust exercises and sets depends on the need of the muscle. I actually have a training Log on this site, as i was asked by some members to make one, depicting everything i do in detail, as per descriptions of movements, key positions, my feelings about it, and my mentality about the whole thing. If anyone would like to check it out, its called "I think im going to do it."

Diet- Lately ive been carb cycling, taking approx 500 on my high days, approx 350 on my med days, and approx 150-200 on my low days. A majority of my diet revolves around the 7 main foods- Eggs, Chicken, Tuna, Brown rice, oatmeal, Bananas, and Sweet potatoes. I do eat a lot more beef than tuna these days, but honestly when i begin cutting those 7 foods will essentially be my diet.

Anything else- I am an open book. By all means, if there are questions ask away.


I haven't read your novel there Akuma but I wanted to support you so I am giving you my 2,000th post. I hope you enjoy it and all the gifts it brings.


Awesome stuff Akuma. Also, huzzah for my fellow Greek!


Didn't know you were Greek dude. Me too - but only half. Also half Italian.




OK incoming a Photo story. beware aware that i avoided photo shots like the plague.


1- Didnt upload last reply, lets try again...

[edit] Ok, now i have time to elaborate. This is me, chilling at a nifty 220lbs of blubber....


What are the total Cals on your different days of diet?


senior year of highschool, prom. After beginning to work out, and after my accident

[edit] Here as seen, i am still rather husky. I believe i was still in the 210-220 range. Minimal muscle, still a good bit of fat.


first year of college. Leaned out a bit.

[edit] as i said, first year of college. Im sitting at about 185 in this pic. I leaned up quite a bit, but was no where near my muscular goals...


What are you taking pre or during your workout to keep energy levels up? I find that on days like back and biceps, I am so crushed from all the back work that bicep work doesn't get the attention in deserves. What have you found to combat this?


2nd year of college.


My bad. Still freaking huge.

Thats insane! And awesome that it got you to change your ways. Seems like majority of ppl have a significant thing that changed them to become a better person.

So in terms of volume do you think that overall volume is the way youve grown the most?? Im sure your large structure has led to your increased size. It seems ppl that were overweight when younger, seem to be bigger and do better later in bodybuilding. Thoughts?

Indeed i will, didnt no it existed and i dont think many do either.

Do you always eat that clean? Whens the cut? I would have thought ud have smashed the steaks. But i guess being more susceptible to fat gain, its made you have to eat clean.


3rd year of college, which is +80lbs from the 2nd year. THIS is when i learned to do shit right

AS for the questions that were asked through this photo story, Ill respond to those later tonight. You Fookers are making me late for work!!

[edit] just got home, and noticed this photo didnt upload. Ohwell, i was putting up one of the pics from my Hub, me in the Black under armor shirt. And thats the most recent you get for now =p