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The Aftermath

Heya T-family. I was in the city, across town yesterday when the cataclysmic atocities occured. My professor, an NYPD Leutenient, was called away ten minutes into our “Crisis Intervention” Class. Several of of left the building and I found a working pay phone. I called my mother at work (she is a teacher in a nursery school) to tell her that I was safe. A parent of one of the children got on the line with me and told me to go to her husband’s office, an Architectual firm on 36th street between 7th avenue and broadway, a “safe” zone. I rode safely home on the back of a pickup truck supplied by this man’s brother-in-law. I’ve tried to place these events into some tangible prospective. I also tend to attatch music or particular songs to various events, it just helps me put them in prospective. This morning, Nirvana’s “Rape Me” came to mind. America is a rape victim. We didn’t think it could happen to us. We are strong, independent, lucid and guided by Lady Liberty. Now we are violated and our innocence has been reaped. As a student og psychology, I beleive that the feelings felt by Americans today are similar to those of a rape victim. We are fearful, confused, angy, vengeful and need reassurance that does not yet exist that a faceless perpetrator shall be found lurking amongst the shadows. We are also a united and proud people, capable of great ingenuity and innovation when survival is the task. That innocence which we have lost shall, in time, heal, like the thick calluses which enable our hands to work harder. Our stregth shall be directed in the rebuilding of a glorious nation. Our potential supercedes our fear. Karma works towards unity and love.

  • Eric