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The Aftermath of Cancer on Training


Hi Guys,

I really dont want to brag about my recent troubles in life. Ill try and keep it short and sweet as possible. Im after some advice on the issue of nutrition.

At the end of last year i had severe back pains which i thought i caused during my short stint in olympic weightlifting, well it turned out i actually had a sever bout of testicular cancer which spread to my back and lungs, and i also was lucky enough to have rhabdomysarcoma (like badger91 on this forum).....any way i beat the mother f*cker (through chemo and surgery) but now im one testicle short and one kidney short.

Now i have done some research and it turns out the single kidney thing is a problem for my protetin intake, hence the hinderance it would be to my training; could anyone possibly help me with this piccadilly that im in? do you know of people who have one kidney and train? (could you put in contact with them?)

do you know of a potential diet plan that would help me gain size or even at the least maintain what i have? or even the amount of protein i should intake? (N.B i do know that large amounts of protein are required to do this, but should i be looking into special types of protein sources i.e non animal proteins etc?)

Any help/guidance/advice/contacts regarding my nutrient dilemma and the one kidney would be appreciated.

Thanks alot for your help guys. I hope i have not confused you all with the 3000 qns. I have read this post over like 10 times and it makes sense to me lol (mayb bcoz its 4am)...if ne probs plz let me know.




Are you on TRT to compensate for the lost testicle? If not, have your testosterone levels been checked recently?


The other testicle should pick up the slack, no?



OP congratz for the whole beating cancer thing. No idea about your questions though. Im sure you know this already, if you want something accomplished there are ways to do it.


Did the doctor tell you how much protein you're allowed per day?


Congratulations on beating the cancer.

I knew a guy...a bodybuilder who was very into clean eating and living...who had similar symptoms to yours. Lower back pain that he attributed to deadlifting. He went to the doctor, and it was testicular cancer that had spread into his liver and up his spine. It spread so extensively that the docs gave him a 5% chance of survival. He died, unfortunately, about 2 years ago.


Bummer. But congrats to the OP on his eradication. I pray it leaves you for good! Best of luck.


What's the state of your remaining kidney? If there's nothing wrong with it, it still has 100% overcapacity.

My suggestion (not an educated suggestion) is that you eat a pretty normal amount of protein but try to make the most of it with a smart use of carbs around your workout.


Regarding the testicle; yes the other one does pick up the slack (which is good) i do want to get my test levels checked though to see if it is ACTUALLy picking up the slack.

Regarding the protein levels the doctor did mention that i shouldnt eat "high" amounts of protein (his definition of high im not sure of though) but in saying that he is only one opinion. I thought asking here might help me get a few more hits regarding the one kidney situation and its effect on the protein levels.

Either way. thanks alot guys for your help. Its much appreciated and im very happy i didnt get ne smart arse comments. thanks for the respect.




You'd have to be a real jerk to make a smart ass comment to someone who has or had cancer. I can't provide any insight into your problem (except maybe BCAAs? If, for example, a 5g serving of BCAAs is similar in protein synthesis as 25g of whey, while being easier on the kidney, it'd be worth including. But this is an uneducated hypothesis), but I have to respect someone who's been through what you've been through.


Congrats man.