The After-Effect of a Workout

Thanks for the help, but just to clarify a few things, we are both small, 120/130lbs and are more or less beginners.

Neither of us are hardly sore the day after, so it could be a case of us nothing pushing as far as necessary. Do either of you feel we should be doing more sets or reps to achieve this?

This is our third week, here is the routine we put together.

incline dumbbell press
incline flyes
pec deck machine
decline dumbbell press
decline flyes
behind the neck military press
seated press
side laterals/front raises
lying rear dumbbell raise
reverse grip pushdown
pushdown with rope
regular pushdown

leg extension
angled leg press
lying leg curl
seated calves raise
standing calves raise

chin ups
wide grip pull downs
close grip reverse pull downs
wide grip rows
close grip rows
reverse grip curl
hammer curl
standing curl

Any advice is welcome.


If you want to grow, you’ll have to release androgens. You’ll release androgens by working a lot of muscle mass. Of course leg exercices are best for providing this. Don’t do to much volume, at 130 I’m afraid you already have a hard time getting 3000 calories/day, so excess volume will make you weaker.

Try something like this : one main 5X5 exercice every session with 2 or 3 complementary exercises.

Workout 1
Bench press 5X5 alternate with dumbbell one arm rox 5X5
Pullover 3X10

Workout 2
Front squat 5x5
Good morning 4X6
Militray press 4X6

Workout 3
Deadlift 5X5
Chin-up 4X6
Dips 4X6

You should just stick to something like TBT or ABBH. Best (for simplicity’s sake) workouts for beginners. And make sure you hit your legs! Most of your mass will be gained through legs, so don’t sell them short!

There are some great articles here from Thibaudeau. I would read some of his atricles about nutrition/training for newbies. I think it might be better to follow a tried and true program from the likes of Thib than an attempt to create your own at this point.