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The ACC: A SuperConference?

I know there will be VERY strong feelings and alliances with this question … but discussion (often heated!) is what makes these Forums Fun!

As we all know, most College Conferences are either a) Strong in one sport (e.g. football) and/or b) Are strong with their “Top Tier” teams, then sort of fizzle out at the Bottom Tier.

I don’t think that any reasonable Sports person disagrees with the overall strength of the ACC in Basketball (from top to bottom).

But with the addition of Florida State (for a few years now), Miami, BC and Virginia Tech…AND with Notre Dame “in discussions”…does it have the potential to become a “Superconfence”?

(Note: this infomation may not be THE most up-to-date because of changes occuring almost eveyday…and my allegiances are with the SEC and Big-12!).

Let the discussions begin!