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The Absolute Best Mass Workout?


What do you think is the absolute best mass workout?
I'm on ABBH right now but i really don't feel like my muscles are getting enough stimulous.
Is there something better out there or should i stick with ABBH?


A normal body part split. While eatting alot.


I am kinda fond of weight training as a mass workout


^^ what have you expected from a routine called "ANTI bodybuilding"? Even the name can tell a lot about that one I'd say. Try to pick up a simple routine with compound excersises, big weights, lift it, then eat, then sleep, so that you can begin the sequence from the very beginning.

Initially it should be enough.. I'm only doing this, and progressing at a steady pace..


in b4 "squatz n' milk"


shit man, i dont like the sounds of the ABBH program but if its not working for you you should try something else. everybodys body is different some things work better for other people. i like power lifting man, dead lifting, clean and jerks, squats, military presses, and bench. i lift heavy as hell. every other day i do power and the other day i single out one muscle and kill it.

cant forget about your supportive muscles. doing it this way i found that i get stronger, not just prettier. eat a shit ton of calories and protien, supplements wont hurt either. well good luck with the mass.


Don't think there is one best mass workout. Almost everything works (within sound parameters) for a limited amount of time.

Follow "I, Bodybuider", though, as soon as released. This program will rock :slightly_smiling:


I don't use any program with initials.

What works best for me may not be the best for you. You have to experiment, succeed and fail and learn and try again. You have to learn when to change things, when to leave them alone, and it all depends on what your body responds to.

The best mass program for you body will not work if you have a shitty diet. You have to learn to eat the right things at the right times in the right amounts that work for your body. Learn how to bulk, cut, and maintain.

None of this works unless you get enough rest.

Fortunately for you, more information than you will ever need is on this site.


probably one of the best articles you will ever read as far as fundamentals of bodybuilding and program design (w/ a couple of sample splits):



Are you adding weight or reps with the same weight every single workout? Are you pushing yourself to your limits in your workouts? If so, then there is enough stimulus.

What is your diet like? I don't care how clean you eat btw, I'm talking about getting in enough calories first and foremost. If you're not eating enough, than no program is going to give you the results that you're after.

So, how many calories a day are you eating?
What's your height, weight and estimated bf %?


None of Chad Waterbury's routines are great for hypertrophy. They migtht work for some people who haven't previously used compound exercises like the squat or deadlift or who were previously untrained.

Why don't you follow a standard hypertrophy routine like a 4 day split; working each body part once. And then there's food which is evening more important than your routine....


i follow christian thib's principles of calorie/carb cycling so i figure the gains will be slower but much leaner. i'm 5'8' 175lbs at about 15% bf.

2730 cals
265 pro
68 fat
267 carbs
330 carbs
200 carbs

I only eat p and c meals for the first three meals (around workout) of the day and p and f for the last three.


Why don't you try reading and researching?


You need to eat more, and how much weight are you lifting on a typical workout?


Read Berardi's Massive Eating Articles.


Theres a bunch of articles jsut released, called "The best of...X". Why not use those principles in your own split, and just make sure you eat a ton of good food.




For me, I go with a 4 day split with heavy weights and high reps 8-15 per set. I respond better to a higher reps than for instance a 5x5 program. I train 1 bodypart a week and train until failure on most sets.


Those are some good articles as far as getting "hardeaters" to realize that it's likely their food intake that's holding them back, not their program.

GETBIG, if you want to do carb cycling, fine. But clearly, if you are stalling out (strengthwise and sizewise), then you aren't eating enough calories, no matter how closely you follow CT's carby cycling guidelines.

Add another 500 calories per day to your diet (you can keep the macro ratios the same if you want) and see if that doesn't spark new growth/strength. If after 2 weeks you still haven't gained size/strength, add another 500 calories. Keep repeating this process until you start gaining size/strength again. Once you do start gaining again you can keep calories the same until you again stall out, and again repeat the process.

Eventually you will legitimately stall on some exercises (but not all at the same time). When that happens you can switch out that exercise for a comparable one and get as strong as possible on that one.


For me, the best mass workout has been DC. During my first 10 weeks i went from 185-205, while keeping a 6 pack. I was taking in about 4500-5000 cals/day. My strength went through the roof as well. Its certainly not for everyone though.