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The Ab Pavelizer

Has any one tried one of these things?

I try to stay away from gimmicky things like this. Just go do some Sit-ups.

Yes, the newer version is very good. The older ones were a little cheeply made but the new ones are pretty sturdy. I’d give it a shot if I were you.

Just wanted to get that in before all the Pavel-haters chime in.

Ah, someone beat me to it.

From what I have seen, you can save yourself a ton of cash and go with a flex band.

I am not sure how to explain this move exactly, but Tyler Haas’ (sp?) power athletes magazine has an article showing one dude doing Jandas with the flex band.

While it may be a fine device, I see no reason to spend $140 in order to do basically one ab exercise. There are hundreds you can do for free and several articles on this site telling you how to do them, also for free.

IL Cazzo,

Just to set the record straight: I am not a “Pavel hater.” I admire the mans physical prowess, and moreover his marketing ability. I merely gave an honest, yet brief assesment of the device in question.

Will it work? Yes! Do you need one to obtain muscular abs? No! It’s main function is to bulk up the area around Pavels bank account. Not a bad thing, it’s America!

Many studies have been done since Dr.Janda first introduced his “Janda Sit-Up”. Most of these studies have since shown that the psoas muscles are not disengaged during the exercise and that it is not any safer on the lumbar spine than most other traditional abdominal crunches/sit-ups when performed correctly. It is so easy to make a "Macgyver"version of the Pavelizer that it’s not worth the money. But who knows, maybe someone will get to test one for free via the new T-Jack Reports.

i prefer the ab-rocker. as well as 6 second abs.

I was just messing with ya zeb. You are right, there are other great ab exercises. But if you have a big bank account, then why not.

I think you summed it up best about Pavel and his bank account. Isn’t that the purpose of having a business? Biotest sure does it…which is why I am so dissapointed to see T-mag always bashing Pavel.

Il Cazzo - Actually, T-mag was one of the first publications to interview Pavel, write about his theories, review his products and give him some publicity. I did all this before he was even involved with Muscle Media/EAS.

Problem is, Pavel went and insulted TC for no apparant reason, so TC has been known to take a joking shot or two at him.

I never saw the insult on Pavel’s part. (Was it the thing about the AD colum being written by a guy ogling girls at a strip club or something like that?)
I really loved the Pavel interview, and thought that you guys did a great job with it. It also seemed that you were pretty impressed with the stuff Pavel had to say…which is why I found it confusing that TC would take all those little shots…like the one in this weeks reader mail, and the other one in the “Soy” awards.

Oh and dont take me saying that Biotest makes a profit as an insult (as crazy as that sounds) I was just saying, thats the purpose of doing business in America

I couldn’t find the article in Power Athletes but I read it when it first came out. The concept is simple - take a “big rubber band” e.g., a Jumpstretch band or similar product, but don’t buy a flex band that has handles built in on the end because that won’t work. Put the band around some that won’t move - a pole, one support of a squat rack - so that the two ends of the band are facing you. Put your feet into each end of the band so that the band is hooked behind your ankles. Move back until there is tension on the band. With your knees bent, do a sit up. You’ll be using your hamstrings to apply pressure against the band to keep your feet down.

The theory behind the Janda, as I understand it, is that it takes the hip flexors out of the movement. However, I have also read the study that stated that the Janda isn’t necessarily any better than a crunch, and that it is “impossible” to take the hip flexors out of the move.

What I have found when I tried a Janda is that it’s a more comfortable way to do a sit up vs. locking your feet under something.

Another good ab device is the ab wheel. These will cost you $10, or if you want a more souped up version, there’s a product called the Power Wheel for $40. A Jumpstretch band will cost around $10 (buy at least the purple “light” band for Jandas; don’t go with a “mini” band as that probably won’t give enough tension.)

So, for around $20 plus shipping, you can get a band and an ab wheel, and those items are about all you’ll ever need for a good ab workout.