The 915 Workout Program- Muscle Snatch Instead of Snatch High Pull?

I’m about to start the program next week and have been wondering if i can do muscle snatch instead of snatch high pull and whether those exercises should de bone from the floor or from the hang. Second thing is if I can use dumbbells in ench press since being afraid of shoulder problems. Thanks in advance. Keep ut the good work!

Sure. The muscle snatch might even be a superior overall exercise. But it is more complex which is why I didn’t include it in an online program.

For building muscle han or floor are equally as effective. The hang version is simpler but if you have good technique from the floor go for it

Thanks for the reply. I’m after two first days but as far as I can tell it’s going to be fun! Muscle snatch from the floor is one of my favourites so a bonus there. Can a assistance pulling exercise in muscle snatch day be a single arm dumbbell snatch or those two are to similiar? Thanks!

Single-arm snatch, snatch high pull, power clean, from floor, hang or blocks