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The 80 Gram Casein Protocol

Was thinking about getting the instant-milk-protein and doing this!

However, my concerns are not towards the 80gram high dosage as it makes sense but towards my protien intake in a whole throughout the day.
Some people say 1.5g and others 2g of protien per pound, I’m 180lbs and I already consume:

Whey Protein: 2 x 50gram shakes (Breakfast and Post Workout with Oats)
6 pints of whole milk: 96grams
and protein from solid foods (Chicken, Fish, Peanut Butter etc)

Source: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/big_bulking_tips

[QUOTE]The 80 gram casein protocol
Most people cringe at the idea of consuming 80 grams of protein at once, but after Tip #4, this one should be no problem. The most common questions (or rather statements) about consuming this much protein deal with the improbability of digestion or absorption. Sadly, the myth that you can only digest 30 grams of protein at a single sitting is still as pervasive as “muscle turns into fat.”

Rather than worrying about digestion or absorption, the limiting factor of how much protein we can turn into muscle is dictated by oxidation: how much we automatically burn off without using. This means that there are no set limits to the amount of protein we can digest or absorb, but we certainly have limits as to how much gets wasted via oxidation.

Amino acid oxidation is a function of sheer blood quantity, which means that the more we have in our blood, the more likely the amino acids are going to be burned off. Blood concentration is a product of quantity ingested and delivery rate, such that the faster the amino acids get into our blood the more likely they are to be oxidized. This is why we don’t pound back 60 grams of amino acids all at once: because the pre-digested aminos get in our blood so fast that most of them would be wasted by virtue of being burned off.

Casein: Preventing Oxidation

On the other extreme end of the speed spectrum is casein. We know that this protein is great when consumed just before bed because it’ll provide a steady trickle of amino acids to our blood and muscles all night long. This is important because contrary to common dogma, sleep is the most catabolic time for our bodies. Why? Simply because we’re fasting. Our bodies have to start breaking down muscle to fuel the body’s needs.

In a normal situation, 40g of casein before bed is a great way to minimize the catabolism we’d otherwise go through. The thing is, when we’re bulking we’re not just trying to minimize catabolism, we’re trying to stay in an anabolic state as long as possible!

That’s why 80g of casein (particularly micellar casein) before bed is the perfect complement to your bulking regime. It’s released slowly enough into the blood that it won’t succumb to significant oxidation, while the higher dosage will help ensure anabolism throughout the night.[/QUOTE]