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The 7 Most Easily Escapable Movie Monsters



love cracked


You know a movie is scary when someone writes a half-baked escape plan after watching it.


Cracked.com is the shit! I can spend hours on that site reading article after article..


Same lol, I love the guys' sense of humor


Finally someone else thought of the obvious answer to the ring that I'd been thinking about for years.


Haha, this touches exactly on the predator one!


There is no escape from ROCKULA


I don't believe you. If I threw beautiful women at you, you would be distracted enough for us to escape.


Yeap. Cracked is probably one of the best staffed websites there is. Those guys get it.


I've long wondered why someone doesn't grab Chucky by the hair and throw him into a dog cage. Problem solved.


Don't forget the Daleks...just go upstairs and you're safe!


Adding Predator in that list seems a bit ridiculous. We're talking about a race that is trained to kill. The one in Predator 2 was just a novice and he destroyed plenty of gangs.


But it's true that they're hunters, and if they don't consider you a worthy opponent then you usually aren't fair game.


They will still kill you if you are a potential threat.
A pregnant woman or a little kid may not be a potential threat in his own, but a man who is fit and healthy could put him in problems...so we'd get slaughtered.




Didn't he kill all those people on the train. Or where they armed? I can't really remember. Either way that strategy they gave seems flawed as shit.


That naked man was sure a big threat.


That's true. I guess when they talk about the Predator's "sense of honor," they're going more off of what was developed in books and comics. The first Predator movie showed that a little bit, but the second one, not so much.

Well, the second movie sucked anyways.