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The 7 Habits...


Would anyone like to post their favourite 7 nutritional habbit meals?

I'm sure that if all here on the 'nation' pulled together we could conjour up quite a list of recipies to help us add some variety to our meals...


2 of my staples are:

"Easy Stir Fry" - 93% lean turkey burger. 1lb. 1 package of Hy-Vee mixed vegetables with noodles or w/ asparagus. cover with parmesan cheese when done. More than 88 grams of protein here.

Salad, w/ salmon or tuna. I chop up all kinds of veggies and spinach and I also put on Cottage cheese. Low fat/low carb ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

This would account for 80% of my nightly meals.


For work I often take 93% fat free turkey and put it on the George Foreman grill. At the end, the burgers end up being probably 97% fat free. Throw a half a cup of rice and some frozen veggies in a Tupperware container, and voila -- a bodybuilder's perfect meal (which I think is somewhere in the 600 calories range). I usually take a couple with me to work, along with my tub of Grow!.