The 6 Training Rules For Over-40 Lifters

Wondering the same. I am 51 and have been doing Staley’s size/strength rotation programme (Train Size, Then Strength: A 10-Week Program) for about a year now. It calls for training 4 days a week, essentially 2on/1off/2on/2off. The past 2 cycles, my progress was becoming mediocre and in the second half of each cycle, the second consecutive training day increasingly felt like a chore I didn’t look forward to anymore. I had hung on to this programme because it fits nicely with the dieting idea of the Primer-52 approach (Primer 52: The Program), but now I decided to dial down to 3 training days, with at least 1 off-day between on-days.

The original post is 2.5y old, any new insights would be fantastic.
Also, what do you do on those off-days? Low-impact cardio or metcon, sprints, (light?) complexes or circuits, etc.? Mobility? Both? Nothing at all? Many thanks.

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