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The $50 Jungle Gym


I found this blog post by a guy who seems to have built a gym out of bamboo and bags of sand up in the mountains in Thailand, it's awesome! I think it really shows that if you're trying to gain size, you don't have any excuses and complaining about equipment being insufficient for bodybuilding is definitely out!



That is fuckin badass!


Awesome! Just shows; where there's a will there's a way.


Amazing. Props to that guy.


This is how I used to drink my beer.


Used to?


Good for that guy for being so determined, but really, this does NOT show that someone can get big with a lack of equipment.


Well ,after needing that much beer I switched to bourbon instead.


Haha, keeping it classy.


I guess you're right, especially since the mere fact of having a $50,000 gym is no guarantee of someone getting big. Hopefully the dude will do an update with any progress (if he makes any) in six months or something.