The 5-Minute Upper Body Finisher

Finish off your next workout with this killer body weight circuit and leave the gym extra pumped.

Hit this quick workout for a super pump at the end of your training sessions. Yes, it’s short, but aim for controlled reps with minimal rest.

The routine consists of these three simple exercises:

1. TRX Bicep Curl

Lean back away from the anchor point and have your elbows about shoulder height, palms facing up. Keep your shoulders back and down and curl from the elbow. Just pull to beside your head without letting the elbows drop. Avoid lifting from the shoulders and pulling behind yourself. Keep these slow and controlled and really focus on isolating the biceps while maintaining posture.

2. TRX Row

Turn your palms so they face each other. Fully lock out the arms and think about engaging the lats before you pull. When you reach your chest to the handles, squeeze your shoulder blades together as much as you can before slowly returning to the start position.

3. The Push-Up

Move to the floor. Place your hands shoulder distance apart, keep your belly tight, and push your feet into the ground. Fully extend the elbows at the top – no half reps. If you need to regress to your knees that would be better to maintain a full range of motion.

The Rep Scheme

  • 5 TRX bicep curls
  • 8 TRX rows
  • 10 push-ups
  • Do 5 full rounds

If don’t struggle with the exercises and your form stays strong throughout, then aim to go unbroken (no resting) between all five rounds. If you’re fairly new and your arms burn out quickly, take 30 seconds of rest between rounds.

Remember the aim is quality movement with good tension. If you feel like you’re able to relax too much at the top of the rows or curls then walk your feet forward to put yourself more toward horizontal.

This workout should take you around five minutes. If you can do it in 3 or 4 minutes, you’ve performed the exercises too fast.