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The 40 Year Old Virgin


Ok, if you haven't seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, YOU MUST. I think it's the funniest movie I've possibly EVER seen. I can't WAIT to buy the DVD, this movie is that awesome. This is probably the first movie in YEARS that I plan on seeing several times in the theaters. What about you? Anyone else think it's the greatest comedy of our generation? :smiley:


I do know that virginity is curable..


I thought it was really good. Steve carrell ALWAYS does top notch material, it was a sad day the day he left the daily show. He was like a third of the reason I watched it.

So in short... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

You know how I know you're gay?


It's always fun to laugh at someone else's expense i.e. the 40 year old virgin


I know the reviews I've seen so far are very positive. 86% of critics are currently recommending it http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/40_year_old_virgin/


That is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.


I saw it this weekend with my wife and we both thought it was hilarious.

The onyl problem we had was that we were the only people in the entire theatre that were laughing out loud.

I wonder what was wrong with everyone else there?


That wasn't the case where my bro and I saw it. It was actually a VERY slow showtime, and EVERYONE was laughing out loud at most parts.


You look at pictures of other guys on the internet and comment on how they need to work on their legs more.


Steve Carell is definitely one of the funniest guys out there. I noticed him when he was on the Daily Show and have pretty much loved anything he's ever done since. I've only caught the American version of the Office once but he really shined on that, too.


Great Movie...

Saw it on Saturday and laughed my ass off. GF loved it too.

I hope you have a big trunk, because I'm going to put my bike in it...



Highly, highly, highly recommend it. Only problem was I related a bit too well to the story of a guy who collects toys and comics and never gets laid.

"Did you have a daquiri tonight?"


"do you like to do it yourself"?

Steve is such a funny person it seems to just come naturally to him. He was awesome in Anchorman...The Office is crazy funny.



Ok, I know that she seems to be a talented actress, and from the picks and info I could find, a classy person.

BUT DAMN! Can she play Grade A Skank or what??


It was very good -- kind of lagged a bit toward the end, i.e. the relationship part, but ended well. Easily one of the best movies I've seen this year.


Another pic of the actress that played Beth.


And another.


Maybe they were all virgins...or maybe they knew they were gay. LOL!


Great Movie! How about saying a tit feel like a bag of sand and then chastising himself on his bike ride home. The funny thing is it actually had a good lesson.


"A bag of sand? God, I'm so stupid. Me so horny? ME SO STUPID!"