▶️ The 4 Rules of a Big Back

If I asked you to contract your biceps, you wouldn’t have a problem. That’s because you can see your elbows flexing and visualize your biceps contracting. You’ve also been flexing your biceps in the mirror ever since you can remember. (Don’t lie.)

But what if I asked you to contract the muscles between your shoulder blades? Some of you might have a great connection with your back musculature. Others may attempt to pull their shoulders back and pinch their scapula together with very little muscle sensation.

If you can’t “find” a muscle, how are you supposed to load it effectively? How are you supposed to build it if you can’t load it?

Here are four tips to help you find and build your back better.

Gareth Sapstead

00:00 The 4 Rules of a Big Back
00:07 RULE ONE: Find the Muscles to Feel Them Working
00:24 Having Trouble Felling Your Lats? Try Doing Straight-Arm Pulldowns.
01:13 RULE TWO: Pre-Load the Mid-Back Muscles
01:49 RULE THREE: Use Different Grips and Angles
02:14 RULE FOUR: Keep Your Reps Honest
02:35 Landmine Row Plate Insert

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