The 3rd Law of Muscle

by Biotest Research


'Bout friggin time. :wink:

FUCK YES! Finally!!!

This shit just gave me a hard on.


Thought i would never see the day this came out!

I was just about to place an order, and I saw the SURGE Workout Fuel. Hmmm, I might have to adjust my order…

Only question.

Any issues shipping this internationally?

I just made an order yesterday, but I guess I’m making another haha… my parents are gunna shit a brick.

What do you guys think is a good hypertrophy program to help take advantage of the SURGE Workout Fuel. HSS-100? HFT?

I placed a small order this morning. . . .and I just placed another order. HELL YEAH!

[quote]wek wrote:
I thought you guys said this stuff would cost over 200 bucks a bottle to sell to the public?[/quote]

Based on the bottle size we supplied to our athletes, which is a little over twice as big as this one, it would.

[quote]crod266 wrote:
i see theres no instructions on how many scoops to take and all that whats the reason for that??[/quote]

Serving Size: 1 Level Scoops (30 g)
Servings Per Container: approximately 30

MAG-10® Amino Primer


Christmas come early!!!

Placed an order yesterday, just put in another one 5 mins ago… all I have to say is thank god for free shipping!

If this stuff really lets you push the limit with your training, how should we change our current workout program to optimize results using SURGE Workout Fuel? Is it just one of those “try it out until you can’t work any more” sorts of things? suggestions?

After all the waiting, I’ll be trying this out.

Omfg. Ordering.

At last…

I will be ordering many.

…pullin out the credit card!!

also how would one take this if they were also using SURGE Recovery and another whey post workout? can the SURGE Recovery and SURGE Workout Fuel be taken together or should one be taken before the other?

[quote]bwbski wrote:
what is the serving recomendation?[/quote]

You can access the following by clicking on “Recommended Use” below the picture of the Surge Workout Fuel bottle at the top of the first page of the article.

Mixing Instructions for SURGE During Workout Drink: Use one level scoop per 10 oz of cold water. Pour the desired number of level scoops into the required amount of cold water and either shake or stir until thoroughly mixed.

Recommended Use for SURGE During Workout Drink: To hydrate and pre-load buffering substrates, begin using 15 minutes prior to training. To assure proper hydration and achieve maximum-performance levels, sip while exercising at a minimum rate of 20 fl oz per hour. To substantially reduce post-exercise cramping, balance and replace electrolytes and glycogen stores, and kick-start the recovery process, continue sipping for up to one-half hour after training.