The 35+ Workout Plan

While I really like this workout, I don’t think the physical differences between age 25 and 35 are as vast as many claim. But clearly the stuff outlined at the beginning of the article are relevant. The average 35 year old is miles ahead of his or her peers just by being in the gym at all, and this becomes truer as the numbers rise.

But I caution against the “codgerization” of relatively young people by a society that seemingly worships youth. I note that I achieved my peak strength at age thirty-seven after a couple decades of lifting (though when I started, T-Nation was not yet a thing and dependable advice in short supply; my schedule also only permitted two lifting sessions per week), and some time later am still just a respectful distance away from that - for which I blame Covid and not age. Last week, for no particularly good reason, I lifted over 100,000 pounds in under an hour.

This site obviously targets those already deeply interested in lifting and nutrition. Ironically, the elderly population is the one with the most to gain from lifting and significant things to lose by not doing it. Many elements of the fitness community do not target this niche.

At 32 years past the age mentioned in this article…I don’t do sets of 5-6 etc…no way. Dips? I’ve been paying for them for almost 30 years now. Not a chance in the world to do something like that. As a 67 year old guy, I intentionally do higher reps to keep my weights down. Shoulders? Shot decades ago. No presses in front of my head. Hip? Resurfaced at 49 years old. Can I squat? Yes, but other stuff works much better for me. Trap bar? Yea baby. Love the thing. Belt squats…hallelujah. Covid made me change things drastically and I ended up doing my version of heavy light medium and unlike when I was younger and more stupid, it works for me these days.

Injuries, surgeries, stress and priorities are better reasons for this routine than age by itself (the fourth condition). Bill Pearl was exercising for 2.5 hours a day when he was in his mid sixties, and was an ovo-lacto vegetarian besides. Of course, none of us is Bill Pearl.

Thanks, looks like a workable plan

Wondering this as well… It says 3x3 in box, then says 6x3 and then alternate to 3x6 on the other week. My guess is to alternate 6x3 and 3x6

Late to the party here but Coach Thibs ‘Busy Person Program’ is excellent.

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I would like to give this program a go. Are there any alternates for the Snatch High-Pull in a home gym?

A snatch grip high pull should be easy to pull off in a home gym, provided you have a barbell and plates. You don’t even need a rack to do it.

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