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The 35+ Video Meet Thread


A few people have said they liked the idea of having a video meet at some point so I thought I get teh ball rolling. We need to decide on a few things.

  1. How far out do we want to go to to set a date?

  2. Do we have enough people to have a Equiped catagory or should it just be Raw?

  3. We need somebody to judge it, preferably someone who doesn't want to lift in it but frankly I'm okay with them lifting too.

  4. Do we have enough interest period?

Anything else?


Joe, I would definitely be interested in a full 3 lift meet as I have never done anything like this before and it would be nice to have a more specific goal rather than just getting stronger.

Ideally I would like at least 10-12 weeks or so beforehand so I can really cycle myself up to it, but could do less to fit in with others.

Count me in.


So Joe basically it would be three lifts recorded and posted on here? On a certain day and judged by one or group of indivuduals? You are not talking about a web conference type thing are you?


Right, just videos posted on here and then we'll run everybody's numbers through the wilkes formula so we don't have to mess around with weight classes.


Interesting. I would be interested in something latter in the year, right now I am working on doing the Warrior dash with the wife. So I am doing more cardio and dropping some weight. In the fall I would do it. Joe maybe make permanent dates for every year one in spring and fall or summer/winter breakdown. Just a thought.


Or do more than one. I might be up for one at the end of the year, but I'm sure there will be enough participants ready to go soon.


^ That was what I was trying to say one in the spring and then one in the fall, or one in the summer and one in the winter.


Sounds like a ton of fun.


sadly, His Oldness King Lard cannot compete due to his lack of camera and movie-fu.

So, We (royal third person plural) would be pleased to judge


I'm in!

I think we should do it RAW but that's just me. When we're at it, we might as well set to dates. How about late March/ early April and then a Christmas Bash!?


I'll volunteer to be a judge. I will be finishing last, so per DCA, I will not need to lift.

Be sure to post the rules, listing the exact requirements for a good lift, so all participants are clear as to what is required.

I am ruthlessly objective when it comes to "judging", of any type. (...which is sometimes unfortunate...)