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The 300 Workout

  1. Who is this for?
  2. What are the goals?
  3. Is it efficient?
  4. What do you think about the workout?

So lets take a look at the workout:
* 25 pull ups
* 50 deadlifts
* 50 push ups
* 50 box jumps or vertical jumps (24â?? high box)
* 50 floor wipers
* 50 single arm clean and press with dumbbell or kettlebell
* 25 pull ups

There is zero rest in between exercises, and you want to complete the reps in as little sets as possible.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,



Sounds stupid.

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Its some bs mens health made up to make some money from the movie, that is nowhere near what the actors did, its just a fairly tough circuit.


Elite-level athletes ONLY.

To annihilate, and be ripped like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Um did you see what I wrote above... BRAD PITT IN FIGHT CLUB.

Considering only the sickest most ripped guys use it, it's amazing.


I could actually believe that's what they did... atleast as far a a conditioning circuit.

If you watch 300 from a bodybuilding perspective, the conditioning is excellent, but the muscularity is nothing impressive.

The washed out contrasts and animation style make them look much more "jacked" than they actually are.

Gerard Butler filmed a movie directly after 300, with a T-Shirt on he is not visibly muscular at all.


Most of the actors in the movie did get pretty well defined. This is shown in the special features when those animation techniques aren't in effect. You can find the video on Youtube.


^^ all those guys were airbrushed to shit. They had a lot of 'muscles' airbrushed on. and they would get da sweet pumpz going before shooting.


I thought it was well understood that they only used this as a conditioning test. Not only a weekly training basis.


Actually, what the OP posted is, according to Gym Jones website, "the 300 challenge". The actors were supposed to finish in the shortest amount of time after they were done for the day.

Looks like conditioning work in my opnion. And yeah, the actors were airbrushed to shit.


I tried the 300 workout, but ran out of messengers to kick in the chest before I got tha swolez.

Now I just lift heavy shit and eat a lot of food.


Haha, nice one. Did you grow a beard too in the process?



Fixed that for you. You're welcome.


  1. The 300 was a single session designed for the end of training for the actors who played Spartans in the movie 300. They were timed. Much like CrossFit.
  2. Fat loss I'd imagine.
  3. No.
  4. Lots of hype, not enough substance. Each movement on their own is good but not multiple reps compacted together.


Some people have said that this is a post workout conditioning for fat loss. Does anyone know the day to day workout that Butler did?


You may need to dig up the old Men's Health Articles to find out more.

What you should do if you're bent on trying this out further is find Butler's coach and research his site and articles. I can't remember his name for now.


he was probably doing a regular lifting routine (there are a ton of them out there) just find a program and lift.. there isnt some top secret routine used by gerard butler lol

Lift heavy weights and eat enough good food.


I'm not planning on doing this workout routine. I just believe we can learn from it. I has to have done something right ya know? haha If you've seen the movie


doing something right = lifting weights and having proper nutrition/nothing else to do but live in the gym to get ready for their role.

Its not some secret thing. He wasnt doing anything that hasnt already been done by tons of people


I am aware. I am simply asking if anyone knows exactly what the workout was. I'm not asked for other lifting techniques or tip, thanks though.


The 300 was a final challenge for the actors that they did once, not something they did every day. If your interested in the types of workouts they did normally go to gym jones website and look at the workout archives.