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The 3 Rep 4 Week Progression


Dear CT,
I read over an article which interviews you and you comment on the force = mass x acceleration thing, preforming 3 reps with 5 sets+

And another article written by you on biceps, progression from 3 reps 8 sets first week, 4 reps 7 sets, 5 reps 6 sets then increasing weight.

Well I was wondering if this is the best way to build muscle in general (preforming 3 reps 5 sets whilst creating a physiological response) or just the biceps as there is so many articles saying 10 reps is the best for building muscle and I'm confused at which I should incorporate.
Thank you very much in advance..


I'm kinda tired of debating this. From my experience, doing 10 sets of 3 reps of an exercise will build more size than 3 sets of 10. The volume is equal, but in the former the intramuscular tension and force production are much higher. Volume and intramuscular tension are two of the most important factors in stimulating growth. So it seems obvious to me that if you keep volume the same and increase the average intramuscular tension, then you'll stimulate more growth.

I'm not saying to perform 10 sets, or 5 sets of 7 sets. Autoregulate... Start with around 60-70% of you max and add weight every set until you reach your maximum for your selected rep number. But it will only work if you TRY TO ACCELERATE each rep as much as you can. As the weight gets heavier, the actual speed of the bar will not be very fast, but as long as the intent to accelerate is there, it will work.


Thanks heaps for that! I have massive respect for you and I'm sorry you had to repeat something you've probably explained 500 times, Keep up the awesome work CT :smiley: